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English Cinematographer Daniel Eghan

Daniel Eghan is an English Actor, Model, Dancer, Influencer, Radio presenter. He was born on 10 September,1983. His age (as of 2020) is 34 years old.

London, United Kingdom, is the Birthplace of Daniel. He is known for the film Girl with All the Gifts (2016) in which he played the role of a solider.

Daniel Eghan started his acting career in 2012. He has only got the opportunity of small roles and seen as supporting actor in movies, like The Herry Hill, Housefull 3, Hand Of Creator, and The Girl with All the Gifts. He has also done TV & Reality, Modelling, and Music videos.

He recently seen in 24 hours in London Film. He speaks three languages; English, Slovak, Czech. He formerly focused on his dancing career.

In the 1990s Daniel worked with Rainbow Entertainment for 4 years as a Jazz, Contemporary, and Pop dancer. But now he is shifted his focus to the acting field and concentrating on his acting.


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