Jeff Bierman is an American, who is a cinematographer by profession. He was brought up in a town named Upper Darby, which is near Philadelphia. His parents were in blue collar jobs, and hence, he was also working on a construction site until the age of 14. It was then that he saw his friend buy a video camera. He became very interested in seeing how it works and the things it can do. He worked day and night to earn a video camera on his own, that implied the young kid’s passion towards photography.

The inspirational film that made an impact on him was ‘Taxi Driver’. He started to shoot things during the night time, and then added music and sounds to them. This became an entertaining exercise for Jeff. He graduated from the American Film Institute. He debuted in a TV movie called ‘The Push’, in 2004, as an assistant photographer. He then got offers for various short films and series. His first role as the director of photography came in 2007 through ‘Limbo’. Then, he was roped into several films donning the role of the director of photography for various films such as ‘Partigiano’, ‘Bad Turn Worse’, ‘Vaseline’, ‘Mountain Low’, ‘With Dad’, ‘Friday’s Child’, and ‘Run Up’.

He also had experience in working with the camera and the electrical department for few premieres like ‘Bee’, ‘ Palo Alto Click to look into! >> Read More... Palo Alto ’, ‘Man in a Room’, ‘ Shadow Man Click to look into! >> Read More... Shadow Man ’, and ‘Judgment Day: Prison or Parole?’ He spent years in Los Angeles gaining an appreciation for his cinematography works. He formed his own crew, and currently is engaged in making the art of photography for various commercials and films. Recently, he accepted a different challenge in his career by flying to India for the first time and undertaking the cinematography role for the Bollywood motion picture, ‘Kapoor & Sons’. Though he never understood the language and the emotions, the body language alone was enough to meet the requirements for the premiere.