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Jesus Rafael Garcia Hernandez, often known by the name of Rafael Amargo, is a widely recognized prominent personality in the Film Industry. He is a famous dancer and choreographer in Spanish who is appreciated worldwide for his exceptional talent. Rafael is renowned for Barroz: Guardian of D'Gama's Treasure (2022), Unpasoadelante (2002), and Montecristo (2006).

He was born on January 3, 1975, in Pinos Puente, Granada, Andalucia, Spain. He was raised solely in the former country.He is admired for his style of "flamenco."He finished his schooling at one of the prestigious schools, named the Martha Graham School, during his stay in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York and learned about different types of choreographic trends. He has been an admirer of the great Antonio Gades since his childhood. After completing his educational qualifications, he decided to follow his passion.

After that, he dived into the world of dance and music and began his journey by being a soloist in various companies and was also a principal dancer in Mario Maya's "De Cadiz a Cuba," and in "Prometeo" by Antonio Canales. His talent was critically acclaimed by everyone and was immensely loved by his fans. Hence, his performance in "Amargo" was vastly appreciated by his superiors and earned him the Max Scenic Arts Best Dancer Award in 2000. In addition, he has been the recipient of a few other awards for poets in New York and El Amor Brujo. He has given abundantly brilliant workpieces that have taken him this far in the industry. His other notable achievements include the awards for Best Dance Show in El Pais de lasTentaciones for Amargo (2000) and Poeta en Nueva York (2002), which also received the title of "Best Show of the Decade." Rafael’s style comprises both contemporary and traditional. One attribute that makes him outshine others is his ability to link dance with various other arts, like the visual arts and plastic arts.

He has perpetually collaborated with numerous painters such as Luis Gordillo, sculptors like Esperanza d'Ors, or even photographers like Bruce Weber, Christopher Makos. All these associations and his distinct style have put him in the limelight frequently. Talking about his personal life, Garcia wedded Yolanda in 2003 and has lived happily with her since then. They are blessed with two children, namely, Leon, who was born in January 2005, and later, Dante, who was born in April 2008. He has been managing his personal and formal life very perfectly for quite a long time.