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Jake Johnson, who is an American comedian, an actor, and a director was born on 28 May 1978 in Evanston, Chicago. His maternal uncle who died in an accident at the age of 26 gave him his name. He was the son of Ken Weinberger and Eve Johnson. His father had the business of car dealership and his mother used to make blemished glass windows. Jake’s dad was from a Jewish family whereas his mother belonged to Irish. Jake’s Mom and Dad had their divorce when Jake was just two years old. Jake, his sister Rachel and his brother Dan lived with her single mother.

Coming to his career and studies, he studied at Winnetka in New Trier High School and completed his graduation from the University of Lowa. He wrote a play that gave him admission in the famous Tisch Arts School. The he started learning filmography and has practice sessions in his Arts School. Jake went to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York to pursue his career in acting. In New York, he started the comedy group named as 'The Midwesterners'. He used to do the job of a waiter in Los Angeles. He also played some TV roles. All his hard work and labor gave him a great start to his career when he got the show 'Derek and Simon' in 2007. was the producer of this show.

Jake performed in 'Paper Heart' in 2009. Later he was cast in many comedy shows. One of the names was 'Get Him to the Greek'. He also played the role of a friend in 'No Strings Attached'. In a romantic comedy ' Ceremony Click to look into! >> Read More... Ceremony ', he played the role of a brother of Uma Thurman’s character. Then in 2011, he played the character of Jesus in ''.Then Jake was seen in a film in 2012, which named ' 21 Jump Street Click to look into! >> Read More... 21 Jump Street '. He performed a lead role in 'Safety Not Guaranteed'. He was dedicated towards his career. And this was the reason that in 2011, he played in ' New Girl New Girl was an American English television series >> Read More... New Girl ' a featuring role as Nick Miller with Zooey Deschanel A person possessing multi-talents of being an actr >> Read More... Zooey Deschanel . The audience and critics applauded this series. The series was recognized for Critics’ Choice Television Awards. He performed in the music video for Rouse Yourself. His list of movies is very lengthy. In Dodge part commercials, he is also acting in a series with Craig Robinson Initially choosing the profession of a teacher at >> Read More... Craig Robinson . He also played in ' Jurassic World Click to look into! >> Read More... Jurassic World ' in 2015. In 2015, Jake was a co-writer and a producer in the movie ' Digging for Fire Click to look into! >> Read More... Digging for Fire ' in which he played the role of Tim. Another movie that came in 2016 is ' Joshy Click to look into! >> Read More... Joshy '. Another movie which is about to release in 2017 is ' The Mummy Click to look into! >> Read More... The Mummy '. 'Drunk History', 'High School USA!', 'Comedy Bang! Bang!', are his famous television shows.

Now coming to his personal life, this handsome hunk has a huge fan following over the Internet. He is very active over social media. Jake lives in Los Angeles. He is married to an artist, Erin Payne. Besides all these, he is a member of Interstate 5 Tennis Association.