Eddie Sotelo English Actor
  • DOB : 01-12-1972
  • Age : 50
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Eddie Sotelo is also known as Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo is a Radio Personality and an Actor. He was born in Ocotlán. He has mainly delivered his acting skills and radio performances in the Spanish language. He was also referred to his nickname Tweety Bird which he acquired in his childhood.  He was ranked as one of the most powerful people in Southern California in the list of 100 by the LA Times in 2006. His radio show in the morning was broadcasted solely in the Spanish language for a Spanish audience who belonged there. The program also became nationally regulated to 50 businesses.

In 2011, he was seen in the movie “ A Better Life Click to look into! >> Read More... A Better Life ” directed by ‘ Chris Weitz Chris is a film producer, screenwriter, author, ac >> Read More... Chris Weitz ’. Along with him, the movie also starred ‘José Julián’, ‘Demián Bichir’, and others. In that year itself, he appeared in the animated movie “ The Muppets Click to look into! >> Read More... The Muppets ” by ‘ James Bobin James is a famous film writer, director, and produ >> Read More... James Bobin ’. In 2012, he voiced the character of Uncle Fungus in the movie “Ice Age: Continental Drift” directed by 'Steve Martino', and 'Michael Thurmeier'. Eddie was separated from the Univision Radio in the year 2013. There were many reports made on him by the media.

The Los Angeles Times, one of the leading daily of the country had presented a report that ‘Alberto Cortez’, a producer, writer, and performer on the show made accusations of sexual harassment by Sotelo on him and other members of Sotelo's staff, including regularly making offensive and undesired sexual advances, grasping Cortez's buttocks and testicles when Cortez would come at work, teasing him through staff conferences and making other rude remarks, and telling him to say that he is a gay. Also, Cortez claimed that Sotelo ordered his team to produce thousands of letters following a million letter campaign for full settlement reform came shortly, which were then given to a congressional committee constituted by ‘Mel Martinez’, Senators ‘Edward Kennedy’, ‘Arlen Specter’, and ‘Robert Menendez’.

He also mentioned about the members of the Congressional Hispanic Council. Sotelo has acknowledged that those allegations were made only for Cortez's individual gain, and demanded that Cortez had attempted to hire other workers to make false charges against Sotelo, and asserted his aim to be back again on the radio. Sotelo then reported an extortion prosecution against six of his previous staff members, alleging that they had commanded $1 million from him in return for his their silence. In March 2014, a Los Angeles Division Superior Court judge rejected the suit because Sotelo failed to explain that he would control in the trial.