Plot Sandamarutham is a science fiction movie by Sarath Kumar Sarath Kumar appears in dual roles The story of Sandamarutham is an old stereotyped one It is

Sandamarutham Movie Review

Sandamarutham Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Sandamarutham"
Runtime: 2 Hours 29 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-02-2015
Genre: Action, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: Sandamarutham is a science fiction movie by Sarath Kumar. Sarath Kumar appears in dual roles. The story of Sandamarutham is an old stereotyped one. It is about a sincere cop and his deadly situations. Sarath Kumar performs two roles, namely Sarveshwaran, a cheap gangster and Suriya, a good cop.

Sarveshwaran is a gangster, who deals with chemical bombs to destroy the country. He has links with the foreign countries and makes the chemical bombs locally. The chemical bombs are filled inside the tiny holy pots and are supplied as the holy water to the people who are targeted to be destroyed. Thirumalai, a sincere police officer is appointed to detect this and he finds out something important in this case and tells this information to his friend Suriya. While he reaches the town, the gangsters kill him, using the chemical weapon. Suriya finds his dead body in a burnt state, in the place where he was informed by Thirumalai to meet him. With the information given by his friend Thirumalai, Suriya continues the case. He plans to get the group trickily and reach the town where the Don Sarveshwaran resides. He joins in a water supplying company as a water boy and carries water to the Don’s house and gathers information about him. He sets a group of sincere cops with him and among them there is a girl, who wants to save the nation. As usual the Don finds out the cop and kidnaps his family and when the cop and his gang went to rescue them, he kills his colleagues, one by one. How the cop saved his family is the rest of the story.

Though the story is an old one, they have dealt it with the new formula called chemical weapon. Sarath Kumar has performed as Sarveshwaran and Suriya. Oviya is the good cop in his team and Samuthra Kani performed the role of Sarath’s friend Thirumalai. Sumithra, Delhi Ganesh, Radha Ravi, Meera Nandan, Imaan Annachi and Thambi Ramayya are in the lead cast.

This movie is a onetime watcher. Sandamarutham… blows in an old style!