Plot Manitha Kadhal Alla is the first attempt by director cum actor Agni This fiction story is handled by Agni carefully Opening scene starts with narrating

Manitha Kadhal Alla Movie Review

Manitha Kadhal Alla Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Manitha Kadhal Alla"
Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 13-02-2015
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
2.7 / 5.0



Plot: Manitha Kadhal Alla is the first attempt by director cum actor Agni. This fiction story is handled by Agni carefully.

Opening scene starts with narrating a story to the child. According to the story Agni is working under God, Nassar. He is appointed to accomplish the work ordered by the god. He is appointed to make the kids in the earth to stay happy. He moves to the next step of making the adults happy by favoring certain situations to them. While he is at work, the Heroine Dharushi’s parents die in an accident. He wants to make Dharushi to come out from her sadness and stay happy. In the mean time, the relatives of Dharushi try to invade her property and make her homeless. Dharushi’s maternal uncle is a gangster and he wants to marry her and tries to grab the property. Agni tries to save the girl from the villainy relatives by visiting the earth. All this happens without the knowledge of the god, Nassar.

When the god comes to know about the illegal help provided by his messenger Agni, he curses him to be the human. Realizing the mistake, Agni goes to God and begs him to excuse for all his mistakes; but the god orders him to stay in the earth and help the people, in the human form. But Agni does not know much about the culture of the people in the earth, he confuses a bit. Somehow he manages and stays in the world to help the heroine Dharushi. While he stays with Dharushi, she falls in love with Agni. When Agni comes to know that she loves him, he too starts to love her. When Dharushi’s uncles come to know about their love, he gets angry and kills Agni. Whether the God saves Agni and make the lovers to unite or not is the rest of the story.

As it is the first movie of Agni, with a different thought, it need not be negatively criticized. But it resembles the story of a Chiranjeevi movie, where Sridevi is an angel, who lives in heaven and when she visits the earth she fall in love with the human Chiranjeevi. Manitha Kadhal Alla can be watched once for its story, which is different from the usual movies.

Manitha Kadhal Alla…. Yes... It is different!