Singampuli is a well known actor in Kollywood industry for his performance. He was born in Theni and he completed his graduation in Engineering from Bangalore and came to Chennai to look a career in Cine field. 
He made his entry into the Kollywood industry as an assistant director for director Sundar. C. Later he got a chance to direct a film ‘ Red Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, with actor Ajith in the lead. Next, he made his acting debut through the film Naan Kadavul Click to look into! >> Read More... and was seen in the role of a beggar named Kuyyan which was directed by Bala. In this film he even got the chance as a co-director. His next movie was Mayandi Kudumbathar, which was a big break for him. He felt happy for doing the character Mayandi Virumandi in the movie Mayandi Kudumbathar by seeing the audience responses.
Singampuli has even written dialogues for the movies Kannan Varuvan, Perazhagan and Renigunta. He is the director, who must be applauded for changing actor Ajith into an action hero with the movie ‘Red’. From the movie ‘ Mayavi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ (which had Surya and Jyothika in the lead), he proved as a good script writer. His career started to shine more from the year 2012 as he started to do comedy roles and he was seen noted in all the movies he acted. He has a different body language to attract the audiences by doing comic roles. As of now he is concentrating more on acting field and he has no plans for directing a film.
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Though Singampuli started his film career as an assistant director, he is mainly known for his stint with acting. Singampuli was brought up and born in Theni district, Periyakulam and then after doing B.Tech in Bangalore college, he went to Chennai seeking for an opportunity as a career option in films. 

When Singampuli was working as an assistant director for Sundar C, he narrated the story of Unnaithedi. 

While doing his role of assistant director of writer Sundar C, Singampuli had suggested the basic plot for the movie Unnaithedi to him. After that, Sundar developed the script in a span of one week and then told about his plans to Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar is a prominent Tamil film actor, model >> Read More... . Ajith was not convinced initially but then agreed to act in this romantic story without any expectations. He showed his good nature by saying that he would act in Singampuli’s directorial venture if Unnaithedi turns out a winner.

Ajith lived up to his word to work with Singampulii again; he worked with him in the action movie Red in 2002, a story which told the tale of an activist based in Madurai. This film gained a lukewarm response. Then in 2005, Singampuli directed the comedy movie Maayavi featuring actors Jyothika and Suriya, winning credit for his work.[4]
In 2009, director Bala had cast Singampuli in the film Naan Kadavul giving him a role as a streetside beggar. Since then Singampuli had appeared in many films featuring in several supporting roles.

Singampuli’s works as an actor include Mayandi Kudumbathar, Milaga, Muthukku Muthaaga, Padhinettan Kudi Ellai Arambam, Sengathu Bhoomiyilae, Desingu Raja, Ragalaipuram and more.

Soori Tamil Actor


Soori is a South Indian actor in Kollywood. His nickname is “Parotta Soori’ which has been derived from his Tamil movie that he had acted. In 2009, he acted in a film ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’(2009) where a scene was shot with a crew of actors, who sit together and eat Parotta by keeping a challenge who eats more Parotta’s. In this scene, Parotta Soori performed his best, so people coined his name as Parotta Soori. Basically, he appeared as a comedian in many Tamil movies. After the film became a blockbuster, he never looked back. He is doing five to six films in a year. Today, this dusky lad with the moustache look has placed him in line with other comedians like Vadivelu, Santhanam and Goundamani. He is in peak of his career today playing comedian roles and doing a number of movies with the lead actors. With his popularity reaching a new height, the actor even now demands to play a lead role in some movies. Although these movies are not yet been officially announced, we can hear the announcement very soon. He has rejected some new movies that came in his hand and want now a scripted-backing role for his comedy touch. It is believed that a film in which he would play a lead actor, a need for new heroine is all the way. This actor was born on August 27, 1977 in Madurai. When he was new in the industry, he shared the screen as one of the junior artistes and did side acting only. Later on, he got comedy roles, which had given him a good chance to show his timing comedy sense and dialogue delivery on the screen. He was a very busy actor in between 2011-14, that placed him with other comedians like Vadivelu or Santhanam. There was neck-to-neck completion amongst every comedians and he also got a nice space to expose his great timing comedy sense amidst talented actors and actresses, which became a good factor behind every movies. His best films are Thillu Mullu, Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai and Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara etc. Film lovers today prefer more subtle comedic performers and even opt for a slapstick actor, who can crack jokes in every second of the movies. In that sense, hope Soori will not let down his fans in his near future.


Kovai Sarala

Kovai Sarala is an actress who acted in more than 750 films in her career spanning for over 25 years. She has acted in Tamil (even Telugu films) and had joined films as she was the sole bread earner in the family. Many feel that she filled the void left by Manorma and she is the only actress who had stepped in her( Manorama) shoes. In this film industry, Sarala could carry scenes on her own merits. There was a time; she would be seen in every successful movie (just as Manorama) during 1980-90s. Looking back at her career, she played a 55-year old character in Chinna Veedu( her second film) when she was just a teenager. Everyone had wondered how she played that role. She even played the unforgettable character of Palani as Kamal Haasan’s wife in Balu Mahendra’s Sathi Leelavathi. Both Kamal and Balu Mahendra too had complimented her for this role and it is her best role till date. Then she was seen as a lover of Sathyaraj in couple of films which were declared hit (Karagattakaran, Kaalam Maari Pochu, Periya Manushan). The greatest asset in her performance was that, she never told any vulgar lines in her comedy dialogues. At least she preferred not to do this kind of comedy at all in any of her film. Although she is a Malayalee by birth, she gained popularity in Tamil film industry only. Recently, she had acted in two successful movies such as ‘Kanchana-2’ and ‘Komban’, which was a box-office winner and people had watched her antics and appreciated her comedy. This versatile actress had learnt acting through theater participation in Coimbatore before she made her break in movies. For her family’s sake, she remained unwedded to anybody, but yet she faced many struggles with her relatives who cheated and even have emptied her bank accounts. Currently, she is choosy with her films and five films are under stage of production. She will be remembered for her comedy performance in South Indian cinema. She is an evergreen actress who will continue to please every generation.

Kovai Sarala Tamil Actress