Plot Anegan It is a different movie from the cinematographer K V Anand with lots of interesting facts Dhanush As we know he always performs his role

Anegan Movie Review

Anegan Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Anegan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 39 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 13-02-2015
3.5 / 5.0


Plot: Anegan… It is a different movie from the cinematographer K. V. Anand, with lots of interesting facts. Dhanush… As we know, he always performs his role in a casual way.

The story starts with the incident happened in 1962 in Burma. It is said that Murugappan saves Samudra, who was from a well settled family and falls in love with her. Murugappan was a laborer and hence Samudra’s father is against their love. When they try to escape to India through a ship, Murugappan was shot by the cops and Samudra tries to sacrifice her life along with him. Then the story is brought to the present year and the above said Burma story is being narrated by Madhumitha. Madhu is working in Kiran’s company and she says that she had met the people from her past and she is also sure that she will meet Murugappan too.

Madhu meets Ashwin, who is an employee in her company. She tells the story about her past; but Ashwin does not believe her; but feels pity for her. Madhu get into an accident and after that, she tells a new story about Kali and Kalyani, whose story happened in 1987. When Kali and Kalyani plan to get married, they were killed by someone. Madhu comes back from the story and tells that there are people who are ready to kill them in the present life too.

The story is written by the twin writers Suba and it is developed by the director in an interesting manner. Dhanush and Amyra did their portion as well. Three types of sets were used to depict three different periods. People, who watch the movie, will definitely keep on watching the scenes keenly. Anegan is another different movie from the director of KO. It keeps the people glued to their seats and entertains them neatly.

Anegan… could be watched once.