Baby Vedika Tamil Actress
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Baby Vedika, a cute bubbly 7 year and 2 movies old child actor has won over hearts of the audience owing to the oodles of cuteness that ooze from her face (thanks to her genes) and the conviction with which she acts. She has starred in ‘ Anegan Click to look into! >> Read More... Anegan ’ and ‘ Nirnayam Click to look into! >> Read More... Nirnayam ’- two ‘Tamil’ movies as a supporting actress (and not child actor to be specific).

The recent movie ‘Anegan’, even though it had the superstar ‘ Dhanush This lanky superstar Dhanush is an actor from Tami >> Read More... Dhanush ’ and the beautiful like fairy ‘ Amyra Dastur Amyra Dastur is the Parsi girl, who is a school dr >> Read More... Amyra Dastur ’ as the leading star cast, yet Baby Vedika came out as a separate identity which was in no way overshadowed by the stardom of the other actors. It indeed is a fete in itself to make a mark for yourself at such a young age. In ‘Nirnayam’, Baby Vedika’s role was very intense- so much that if you see the movie still, it gets very hard to believe that the expressions are given by someone who is not even a 10 years old.

When her parents were asked about how could Vedika at such a tender age act so matured and if they ever had any plans of turning her into an actress, the duo reply that they never had the slightest of the inkling that Vedika would foray into the entertainment industry. They said that “Vedika used to keep enacting the cartoons that she would watch for fun. Since a small kid doing such a thing is considered cute, we used to ask her to do it whenever someone came to our house.

We observed that she enjoyed the audience she used to get but still never took it seriously until one day when one of our relatives told us about ‘Nirnayam’ and asked us to take her there for auditions. We took our chance and rest, as they say,, is history.” We agree with what Vedika’s parents say as even now if you ask, she would be ready to mimic or enact anything. Vedika, even though a kid has her priorities clear. Ask her and you will know that even though she enjoys acting a lot, she needs to complete her studies.

After that, she says that she will become the “best actress ever”. Showbiz is usually known to have negative effects on the child artists so much that they lose their childish charms but in Vedika’s case, either she is too young and pure to be touched or she is strong enough to have maintained her originality despite the heavy media attention. We wish the sweet girl all the best for her future!