India is a more than billion strong nation but the career choices still remain limited to the mainstream doctor, engineer, architect and the maximum deviation for the majority is being a teacher. But, there are people like Vijay Rathinam who go for the relatively less explored or in this case mainly unexplored and make a mark for themselves. Vijay Rathinam for your information is a Sound Design specialist with about 15 years of experience inclusive of both national and international projects. Vijay, a native of Madras has worked on over 70 South Indian films as a sound editor –performing various roles as the need be.

He started his career with the Indian Industry only but realizing the potential that the field had, he felt the need to go for higher education so that he may specialize in the domain. Basis this decision, he immigrated to the UK to pursue Masters in Advanced Music Production from ‘Glamorgan University’. Here, he worked on skills such as sampling, synthesis, recording, sound editing, and mixing. Having pursued his graduation, he started working with Inspire GLG, Worcestershire, England as a sound editor.

At Inspire, Mr. Rathinam got the opportunity to work on “Boblins”, “Odd-Jobbers” and “Amber’s Animals”. Boblins and Odd-Jobbers got broadcasted in more than 17 countries worldwide while Amber’s Animals became the sixth most appeared show in MIPCOM fest-2008. After Inspire, Mr. Rathinam took up the work with Taylor Drew Productions and became the key member in developing their new series called “Sofi on Safari”. Vijay, after working for some time there shifted back to India and started taking up projects with the audio industry.

During this time, he joined the well-known ‘AM Studios’ as a sound designer. Even though he has a full-time job with ‘AM Studios’, Vijay still takes up individual projects with both national as well as international clients. During his tenure at ‘AM Studios’, Mr. Rathinam met Wilfred Baelen, CEO of ‘Auro Technologies’ in ‘Chennai’. Following this meeting, he visited Galaxy Studios and learned about ‘Auro 3D’. He was responsible for designing the sound for the first ‘Auro 3D’ Enabled Indian film called ‘Maryaan’. Vijay says that 3D sound is the future of sound designing and keeping up with the faith; he switched to ‘Auro Technologies’ for the post of Senior Audio Engineer/Product Manager for India. Vijay handles all types of sound engineering projects and maintains an extensive sound library which he keeps updating constantly