The film is also composed in Telugu as Manamantha, which is releasing at the same time of this. It is also dubbed in Tamil as Namadhu. These all versions are re

Vismayam Malayalam Movie Review

Vismayam Malayalam Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Vismayam Malayalam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 46 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-08-2016
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
3.5 / 5.0

The film is also composed in Telugu as Manamantha, which is releasing at the same time of this. It is also dubbed in Tamil as Namadhu. These all versions are releasing together on the same instant. Mohanlal is in the lead role and has done dubbing in all these versions.

Plot: The movie is about four people who belong to the middle-class group. Mohanlal is playing the character of Sairam who is middle – class man and works as an assistant manager in a supermarket. He follows his own moral values and does not compromise on them for small profits of life. Due to his financial crisis, he wanted to become manager of the same store in which he works so that he can afford basic needs. Gauthami is a house wife and is middle – class women. Her character name is Gayathri. She wants her life to be secure and gets equal support and respect in the society.

Raina Rao Raina Rao is a child Artist who works in southern >> Read More... Raina Rao is playing the role of a school going girl and comes from middle – class family. Her name in the movie is Mahita. She is of helping nature and wants to help everybody as she helped one of the boys from streets to get admission in the school. Viswant’s character name is Abhiram who is a college student. He has planned his definite ambition in life, but he gets distracted from his goals when he met a girl and started loving her. But, something unusual happens in everyone’s story which makes them connect to each other.

What exactly happens and in what manner it will affect the life of all four of them? Watch the movie to get the unexpected answers.

Analysis: The duo of Mohanlal and Gautami has come back together after a leap of 18 years. Both the lead roles have dubbed in all the three versions. The story is not old and keeps the audience interest intact with the plot. The movie has a logical story, and everyone can relate to the characters present in it. It is the best release of the year 2016. The director did an appreciable work with the well-executed script, maintaining the entertainment. He depicted all the phases of life. His narration of the story is very emotional and touched everyone’s heart.

The audience can feel each moment that the characters in the film go through. The director has presented the quality film with the superb concept which made him successful in entertaining the viewers. The way director linked all the stories in the climax was fantastic, and was really unexpected. The trailer and the teaser of the film got a strong response from the audience which made them more attracted towards the movie.

Star Performances: Chandra Sekhar Savitri Chandra Sekhar commonly known as Chandra S >> Read More... Chandra Sekhar has chosen the appropriate cast for the four stories of the film. Mohanlal is at the top rank and proved his acting by his splendid performance. His role in the film as Sairam is the best one from the past years. His acting is natural and the originality he carries in his character is wonderful. It appears so real that no one can question on his role. Gauthami also did a good job and fitted in the role of a housewife. She has performed flawlessly. No one could have done this role better than her. Raina and Vishwant also did excellent part of their roles. Other supporting characters did a good job.

What is there? Chandra Sekhar Yeleti who is writer and director has successfully presented all the four stories. The second half covers all the mistakes of the first half. The screenplay is nicely done with all the heart touching moments and the unexpected climax. The music was good and created an emotional atmosphere throughout the movie. Rahul Srivastav Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rahul Srivastav gave some attractive and realistic frames to make the story more strong.

What is not there? The editing could have been better as there were faults somewhere. The supporting cast disappointed at some instants. The songs are average. The first half moves very slowly due to the inclusion of extra scenes, but it makes a good spend in the second half.

Verdict: Vismayam is a good family drama thriller film. It should be watched once in theaters and should be appreciated for the commendable jobs done by the whole crew.