Real fighter is a Malayalam film directed by Jessen Joseph Riyas is the music director of the movie It was released in May 2016 Plot nbsp The movie is bas

Real Fighter Movie Review

Real Fighter Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Real Fighter"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-07-2016
Genre: Action, Drama
2 / 5.0



Real fighter is a Malayalam film directed by Jessen Joseph. Riyas is the music director of the movie. It was released in May 2016.

Plot: The movie is based on mixed martial arts and perseverance of a young man to get into a mixed martial arts competition. Riju is a student of martial arts and is desperate to master the form. He practices day and night to be able to compete in mixed martial arts competition. Apart from martial arts, he also loves Gayathri, his friend since his high school. Riju and Biju are working hard to get to get into the competition. However, Biju knows that he can't beat Riju in a fair fight and hence starts producing hurdles in his way. Will Riju make his way to the competition? Or will he get trapped into Biju's trap? To know, you must watch the movie.

Analysis: The movie has entertaining sections, but it doesn't impress you as a whole. The story needed more modifications to make it unique and precise. The narration has been average, and Jessen Joseph could have put a little more efforts to make it effective. However, it does have some action packed sequences and sweet romance. The martial arts fights are a treat to watch, and the audience will go whistling while watching it. The music is not to the point, and you will not even remember them once you move out of the theater. It also seems slow and draggy in the first half but gets on the track in the second half. The climax is quite predictable, and there is nothing much you can do with it.

Star Performances: Riju gets more space than others and has carried most of the movie on his shoulders. The want revenge can be clearly seen in his eyes in the climax. Gayathri is used just to bring glamor in the movie, and she does not have much scope to perform. Biju, on the other hand, just walks off with the character. Jessen Joseph needs a lot of improvement in his direction and narration. Music is another weak link in the movie which disappoints. The screenplay is slow in the first half but is okay in the second.

What's there? It has some great action. Martial arts are one of the most catching sports and the movements in the movie will leave you awestruck. The romance in the movie adds another dimension and is quite enjoyable. The actors have performed well and have carried their characters well.

What's not there?- The movie lacks proper narration and is not able to convince the audience. The dubbing also ruins the movie experience as it is not synced properly. Music is another disappointment along with slow screenplay in the first half.

Verdict- The movie is a treat for action lovers. The other might not get convinced by it. Overall, it's below average and can be skipped.