Malayalam Movie Actor ( 0 - 12 )

Biju Kuttan

P Udaykumar

Kunchan Krishnan

Akhil Sam Vijay


Actor Needs To Be Versatile

An Actor is a person who can portray male characters from a motion picture, television and live performances. Their major role is to play the characters from a story, and they can act in multiple platforms. They can act as the lead characters or can play the supporting cast. But an Actor’s work doesn’t end with securing the position in the team but they also have to do additional work like learning about the character they are playing or memorizing the dialogue's etc.

An actor knows how to cope with increasing pressure and they try to bring out the actual characteristics of the character as much as they can. Sometimes they even have to learn new line to match with changed script. As an artist they have to be versatile and know how to sing, dance or perform stunt and do the same if it is considered as a necessity. They also had to learn how to use different props and change their voice, facial expression or other traits.