Madhu Vasudevan Malayalam Actor
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Madhu Vasudevan is an Indian author, lyricist, and music critic who works in the Malayalam industry. Madhu was born in Alappuzha, Kerala, and completed his primary education there. He knows Malayalam, English and Hindi. He graduated from Santana Dharma College. He is learning music since childhood. He is also teaching in Government Brennan College as a professor. He entered into the Malayalam industry in 2012. He is associated with many films like Kanal, Vismayam, Janata garage, Hey Jude Click to look into! >> Read More... Hey Jude , Jalam. He got the best lyricist award in Filmfare awards, twice. His song from the Jalam shortlisted for the original song category. Lyricist Madhu Vasudevan, who wrote the song Ottakku Paadunna Poonkuyile said that along with the awards, the song also got him many of his lost friends back.