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Malayalam Movie Actress ( 0 - 12 )

Gowri Savithri

Dhanya Ananya


Movie Actress Are Multitalented

An Actress role is same as an Actor. They illustrate female counterparts of the movie, television or live performances like theatre's. Their chief duty is to bring life to the characters from the movie and add their charm to it. They may have to play different roles in the same feature film like showing different generations; they have to play the character of grandmother, mother and daughter in distinct frames of the motion picture.

Apart from this, they also have to meet their agents, read movie script and understand the character fully before accepting any offer. They also have to give audition time to time and research about their character, furthermore they have to attend rehearsals and talk with the directors about their role to make the overall outcome good. Now and then they have to learn a new skill according to movie script like shooting or horseback riding before the commencing of the shoot.