Raina Rao is a child Artist who works in southern industry. She was born on 26th December in the year 2005 in Hyderabad, India. She is popular for the films like Vismayam which is a Malayalam movie and Manamantha (a Telugu movie) released in the year 2016. In the movie named “Manamantha,” she acted the role of “Mahitha” in the film.

She is currently 11 years of age with black color hairs and eyes. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is 154cm or 5 feet 1 inches tall. Her father’s name is Sridhar Rao, and Vidya Rao is her mother. She is from a filmy background due to which she has acting in her blood. She knows three languages. These are Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

She has been doing theater from the age of six. She used to attend the classes of Vinay Verma. She also took part in many extra-curricular activities like Kuchipudi, Belly dancing, Kathak, gymnastics, etc. Despite being a child artist, she chooses her words wisely before giving any interview. She is an intelligent and sensible girl who is much more mature than her age. Her school friends used to ask her about her films, she always tells her experience but never revealed the plot of the movie.

She became popular because of the movie named “Manamantha” which was directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti starring Gautami and Mohanlal. “Manamantha” is a Telugu drama film released worldwide on August 5th in the year 2016. Its Malayalam version was also made, and it was named as “Vismayam.” The film earned Rs. 4 crores worldwide from all the versions of it. In this movie, there were four stories, and Raina Rao played the lead role in one of the stories. She likes facing the camera and acting, and according to her, it is fun. She always tries to give her best and takes instructions and guidelines from the senior artists and director.

During her shooting of the film “Manamantha,” she had interacted with Gautami and Mohanlal. She said that they are very friendly and helped her a lot in this film. Gautami helped her with her dresses and her look and Mohanlal taught her some words of Malayalam language. During that time, her exams were also going on in parallel. She used to finish her shooting and go back to home to study. She is a hardworking, intelligent and a beautiful child artist in the Southern industry.