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Savitri Chandra Sekhar commonly known as Chandra Sekhar is a Telugu film actor known for his roles in Chatrapati and Sye. Born too late Mr. Savitri Anjaneyulu and Mrs. Savitri Venkata Subbamma in Hussainapuram village in Kurnool district he works predominately in Telugu film industry. Chandra belonged to a very deprived agriculture family.

After his father passed at a very early age, he and his family faced a lot of adversaries. Due to lack of sufficient money, he was not able to complete his studies on time. He with his family shifted to Hyderabad where his mother worked as a nurse, and he studied in Wesley School but had to drop out due to lack of enough money to pay the fee.

To complete his intermediate education, he joined Ambedkar College, Baglingampalli but again had to leave it due to lack of the required fee. To get a job, he joined Marine Radio Engineering and even applied in Army and Home department but could not get through any because of financial and health issues.

He joined Devadas Kanakala's film institute to try his luck but left the course because of financial issues. The institute provided him moral support, and with their support and under their guidance he succeeded in making his way into films. He started with small commercial ads given to him by Rajamouli Garu and then to enacted a role in TV serial Shanti nivasan.

He debuted films through the film Student no. 1. He has acted in over 20 films which include Simhadri, Sye, Chatrapati, Raksha, etc. Simhadri was the film which brought Chandra recognition. In Sye he played the role of a lawyer under a villain and in Chatrapati played a sacrificial and optimistic role for the first time. Though now he has started getting good roles and good movies too still he and his family (wife and children) are not secured enough and are looking forward to a big break for him soon.


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