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Malayalam Editor ( 0 - 12 )

Rinju R V

Bharath Chand

Francies Louis


For A Editor Every Film Is A Puzzle To Solve

The editor is one who is responsible for joining the videos after completion of the shoot and providing a finished product which will be suitable for screening. The editor determines the quality of the final clipping of the movie and also they make sure that everything comes out perfect. They know how to work with different software to adjust picture quality, adjust sound and do them as creatively as possible. They can work with various platforms apart from cinema including television programs, music videos, corporate training videos and commercials.

As a editor they follow a protocol which starts with receiving of the summary of the movie, then they put together the uncut and unedited footage and transfer it to a data processor, and the files are then remove the unnecessary clips and put together the necessary clips to form the whole picture and finally they certify that the print runs smoothly and in right sequence.