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Malayalam Supporting Actor ( 0 - 12 )

Shailaja Ambu


Supporting Actor Is An Actor Who Performs In A Film

A Supporting Actor Is An Actor Who Performs In A Film Below That Of The Main Actor. They Are Generally Portrayed In Minor Roles Or As The Main Actor's Friend, Love Interest Or A Family Member. Just As The Main Actors, They Are Also Cast Based On Their Performances In The Auditions. Supporting Actors Thought Don’t Always Get A Longer Screen Time Like The Main Actors, Are Equally Important In The Development Of The Story Of The Movie.

They Play A Vital Role In The Development Of The Character Of The Main Actor. Their Characters Go Through Various Changes Throughout The Course Of The Storyline. They Form An Integral Part Of The Whole Caste. They Regular Meet Their Agents, Read Movie Scripts, And Give Auditions From Time To Time. In Recognition To Their Important Nature Of The Work The Supporting Actors Are Awarded With Seperate Awards For Their Supporting Roles In The Movies.