Pa Va, also known as Pappanekkurichum Varkeyekkurichum is a 2016 Malayalam Comedy Drama movie which is directed by Sooraj Tom. He is making his debut as a direc

Pa Va Movie Review

Pa Va Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Pa Va"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 22-07-2016
Genre: Drama, Family
2.5 / 5.0

Pa Va, also known as Pappanekkurichum Varkeyekkurichum is a 2016 Malayalam Comedy Drama movie which is directed by Sooraj Tom Indian film director Sooraj Tom has directed sever >> Read More... Sooraj Tom . He is making his debut as a director with this film. Its lead actors are Anoop Menon Anoop Menon is an Indian film actor, script writer >> Read More... Anoop Menon and Murali Gopy Murali Gopy is a very revered name in the Malyalam >> Read More... Murali Gopy . They are portraying the characters of two octogenarian friends in this movie. Its trailer was released on 10 June 2016.

Plot The film is seemingly about Pappan and Varkey. Varkey ( played by Anoop Menon ) is quite a lively and carefree octogenarian; who loves jackfruit, but his buddy Pappan is a serious man; who lives for his family. Apart from these differences, they can’t do without each other, whether it is in the life or death. Pappan and his sisters have moved away from his native village Murikku, but he desires to have his family cemetery in his birth – place. Meanwhile, the rest of the members, the church, and even the congregation don’t accept the proposal positively. The film is relevant to the whole struggle that Pappan and Varkey go through to deal with this situation.

Analysis: Anoop Menon and Murali Gopy’s latest movie Pa Va was promoted as a usual family entertainer. It’s true that the film is a simple drama, but it’s not a fascinating picture at all. It is tipping the scale towards dullness. Moreover, it is unable to hold the audience’s attention throughout.

Star Performances: Murali Gopy portrays the character of serious yet loving Pappan flawlessly; though his buddy Anoop Menon could does a little bit better in the film. Meanwhile, the supporting actors did a nice job.

What’s There? Some good – natured naughtiness and sunny, youthful cheerfulness of geriatrics are the entertaining parts of Pa Va. It does have the charm of an extra – ordinary yet simple story and the reliability of an amusing village drama. Its spirit is warm – hearted, how the characters drop the burdens of the foregone are captivating, and the twosome’s companionship is also appealing.

Music of the film, especially of the flashback sequences, is auspicious and can surely excite those who ardor the age - old melodies of Malayalam.

What’s Not there? Pa Va tests patience at certain portions of inadequate narrations. The second half is stretched unreasonably. The film has a good scope for some fine humor, but it does not evoke any hearty laughter from quick – witted comedy. Once out of the cinema hall, there is barely anything about it that pulls you back into its roles or story either.

In parts, particularly the sequences in which ‘the coming of somewhat impressive’ is repeated, the audiences can’t be blamed if their thoughts wander and concentration wavers.

Verdict It’s a simple drama; Director Sooraj Tom took up a script appropriate for theater and not the big screen, so feel free to watch this family comedy with a Christian flavor engaged, only if you walk into the cinema hall without any expectations.