Top 10 Parent-Children Duo In Malayalam Film Industry

Top 10 Parent-Children Duo In Malayalam Film Industry Malayalam Article

1. ' Sreenivasan' and Vineeth Sreenivasan:

The famous father and son duo in Kerala. If the father is a famous actor, screenplay writer, son is a singer, and a director addition to those. Both are creating a fortune in Malayalam film industry individually until today. There is no other such great combo in Malayalam until now with this great success to their name.

2. ' K J Yesudas' and Vijay Yesudas:

Just like the Sreenivasan twain making a good fortune in acting in theMalayalam film industry, both Yesudas and Vijay Yesudas did their best in the singing department. Even though Vijay is not a legendary singer just like his father, hasa good success rate in his singing career in the recent times..

3. ' Mammootty' and Dulquer Salmaan:

Both are top-notch actors in Malayalam film industry. Both have their own place in Malayalam film industry. Mammootty is an evergreen legend,meanwhile, Dulquar is creating his own place in the Malayalam film industry. And also he is quite popular among the new generation of film lovers.

4. ' Sukumaran' and Prithviraj Sukumaran:

Sukumaran is a famous Malayalam film actor with his villainous acting and a bunch of character roles. But his son is a superstar in Malayalam film industry. Prithviraj is having loads of hits till date. Both are from two separate period but both are famous in their respective time period.

5. ' Fazil' and Fahadh Faasil:

Even though Fahad Fazil comes to the film industry under his father’s light during the early ages, he is no more a father’s boy. Fazil is a well-known director in the Malayalam film industry, his son is a talented actor, and both have many hit films under their name.

6. Sujatha Mohan and Shweta Mohan:

Both Sujatha and Swetha are singers. Both are playback singers right now as well. Even though Sujatha is a great singer and has many hits in many languages, her daughter, Swetha is building up her reputation and have made few hits under her ongoing career.

7. Sukumaran and Indrajith Sukumaran:

Unlike Prithviraj, Indrajith has many common factors which can be taken into consideration to compare with his father. Even though Indrajith is a little bit low compared to his father's achievement all these years, he is a developing actor in Malayalam film industry.

8. ' Thilakan' and Shammi Thilakan:

Thilakan is a true masterpiece in acting. Even though Shammi Thilakan is not even close to his father's acting talents, his villain roles and character roles nowadays are noted by many film critics positively.

9. ' Jayaram' and Kalidas Jayaram:

Everyone knows about Jayaram and his little son Kalidasan. Kalidasan is famous for his masterpiece performance in many films as a child artist. Both the father-son showed their face in many films and most of them were hit as well. Kalidasan is looking for a great comeback into the film industry.

10. ' N N Pillai' and ' Vijayaraghavan':

N N Pillai is a famous theater artist and his son; Vijayaraghavan is a well-known film artist. N N Pillai acted as “Anjooran” in the film “ Godfather”, and that was enough for the film fans to remember him through time. His son still makes his presence known by the character roles he played in many films.