Santhosh Varma is a well known Tamil Lyricist and has done many movies. He has written the lyrics of many amazing movies and the audience like the songs written by him. Songs are the most important part of the movies as the music attracts the audience the most. Songs of the movies are released even before the movie and most of the people like music a lot. Lyrics that are written by him are appreciated by everyone. He has written the heart-touching lyrics of many Tamil movies. He has written the lyrics of the songs of the film Vetri Nadai. He wrote the lyrics very well and it was very heart touching and was liked by everyone as well.

The music director of the film is Gopi Sunder; he made his lyrics worth listening and made the music of the film stand out. He has also written the lyrics of the film Pa Va which everyone appreciated a lot and Kattapanayile Hrithik Roshan which was outstanding. The music director of the film is Nadir Shah and both of them made the music amazing and the people liked it very much. The director of this film is also Nadir Shah. He has also written the lyrics of the film Iyer in Pakistan and the music director of the movie is M Chandaran and both of them worked really hard to make the music very popular. The lyrics of the songs written by him were really good mesmerizing. The Malayalam movie Drishyam is another thriller film and he wrote the lyrics for the songs of this film.

The Music Director of the film is Vinu Thomas Vinu Thomas is a Malayalam music director in the I >> Read More... Vinu Thomas and Anil Johnson Anil Johnson. One word that is enough to describe >> Read More... Anil Johnson . Santhosh Varma is a versatile lyricist as he can write the songs of all different genres of the films. He has written the lyrics of many more movies like Chandrettan Evideya Click to look into! >> Read More... Chandrettan Evideya , Bangalore Days Click to look into! >> Read More... Bangalore Days , Ayal, Jeevichirippundu and much more. He has made the music of these movies stand out as he wrote amazing lyrics, and the audience appreciated the lyrics and loved the movies as well. He has also written the lyrics of the movies Bangalore Days, ABY, 100 Degree Celsius, 100 Days of Love and many more. He has worked with many remarkable music directors and made music worth listening. Santhosh Varma is an amazing lyrics writer and loves writing lyrics. His lyrics are mesmerizing and thus he is one of the prominent names in the Tamil film industry.

Lyricist Parvathy

Lyricist Parvathy is a rising superstar whose role in Tamil Cinema is impressive.She demonstrates her talent in writing songs for the film industry.This very specialized role in the movie industry is very rare to find women, who show interest in this professional area.Her excellent writing skills and language mastery are worth appreciating.She was born in the city of Chennai where she spent the early years of her life.Parvathy studied Advanced English in higher secondary school as a priority subject due to her academic passion. Although she studied Literature, she is more passionate about Tamil. Parvathy's passion as a lyricist began in Ethiraj College where she noticed the lyrics of most songs is from a male’s perspective. She then decided to rearrange the lyrics from a female point of view, which led to the admiration of the songs by her hearers in college. She released a song titled "Girlfriend" used in the movie titled " Boys."She then approached many film directors, and requested to join them in making lyrics. Many of the directors agreed that she was very talented, but refused her offer of joining their team.Parvathy being a determined person did not give up, but persisted in her quest for the opportunity of working with a director .Fortunately, she met director Arizavaghan who agreed to work with her for the movie "Vallinam." She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature with impressive results. Parvathy also has a Masters Degree in Literature which enables her to write inspirational lyrics.She is interestingly the holder of an M.Phil Degree in Mass Communication. She joined Kollywood due to her love for Tamil and has contributed significantly to the growth of Tamil Cinema. She has successfully written superhit songs like "Verasa Pogaiyilae" and "Kannukkul Pothivaippen."Her other songs like "Nakula" and "Yaaro Ival" are making an impact in Kollywood. Bharithiyar remains a great source of inspiration in her career. She has been a vibrant member of a theater group called "Pareeksha" for a couple of years. Her role in the organization as a journalist and a political commentator has provided proper exposure to her.This experience with "Pareeksha" gave her the opportunity to perform in many plays and short movies.After leaving the group, she stopped acting and got actively involved as a freelance journalist for various magazines. She then discovered her talent in Tamil poetry, and decided to start writing poems.Parvathy eventually wrote her first poetry book titled "Ippadikku Naanum Natrum" through studies of poems by inspiring poets like Arivumathi.She then proceeded to write her second poetry book in 2010 titled "Idhu Very Mazhai."Director Murugadoss influenced the successful completion of her second poetry book. As a nominee for three songs during the Mirchi Music Awards, it is undeniable that she is making waves with her talent. She is determined to give in her best and is presently writing songs for eight movies."Kallam" and "Kolangi" are her recent songs.

Lyricist Parvathy Tamil Actress