Ajish Thomas Malayalam Actor
Other Skills

Ajish Thomas is a screenplay, story and dialogue writer in Malayalam movies. He got his first break in the movie ‘Paa.va Paappanekurichum Varkkiyekurichum’ which was directed by Sooraj Tom Indian film director Sooraj Tom has directed sever >> Read More... Sooraj Tom and the film released in 2016. Let us call the movie in short as Pa... Va. The film did not click well in the box office. The film script has perhaps been better marketed if it was taken to the theatre and not for cinema. Although before the movie release, it was claimed to be a family entertainer, the film failed in every angle due to a poor narration, a haphazard screenplay and some unwanted dialogues which only led to boredom. The script was sure like a family drama seen often in TV series but could not be a thorough entertainer that is needed for movies. It would have been better if the script was lifted for some TV series or even stage drama.

If the script was taken to another platform like TV or stage, it could have been able to hold audience’s attention throughout. The film revolves around two friends, Pappen and Varkey. But soon when Varkey dies, Pappan is unable to forget him that is the central pilot of the movie. Normally nowadays we do not find stories of two friends at all and therefore the script was an outdated one. Even a journalist-turned actor Murali Gopy Murali Gopy is a very revered name in the Malyalam >> Read More... Murali Gopy could not save the movie. The film had veteran actors in the cast like Renji Panicker A firebrand script-writer, actor, director, and pr >> Read More... Renji Panicker , KPAC Lalitha, but a bad screenplay did serve no purpose to save the film.