Ranjith Ambady Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
    - Makeup Artist

Ranjith Ambady is an eminent Make-up artist from India. He is well known for his prominent skills in the field. He has worked abundantly in the South-Indian film industry. His best-known work includes Thanmatra, Paleri Manikyam, Palunku, How old are you? and Takeoff. He has acted as a paragon of efficient completion of the task. Ranjith went to Veteran actor Ndumudi Venu’s residence, with the director Blessy, to read the script. The residence was situated at Thiruvananthapuram. Venu was supposed to play a role of 70 years old father, Mohanlal in the movie. While Venu was reading the script, Ranjith tried a look at Venu. He did not pay any heed to the look since he was busy listening to the script. Soon the visitors were welcomed to have tea and snacks in the dining room. There Ranjith witnessed several monochromic portrays of family members of Venu, hanging on the wall.

Two of the family members asked Ranjith if he had ever met Venu’s family, he said no, to everyone’s surprise, Venu looked exactly like one of his Uncle in the photographs put on the wall. Ranjith was happy to see the similarity between his idea of portraying and the real pictorial in Venu’s character. Ranjith worked in Blessy’s next film called Palunku in the year 2006. He did the makeup of Jagathy, who was supposed to play the character of Lottery seller. Ranjith got influenced by the Lottery seller he had seen in Paravur while growing up. He sparsely had hair on his head but used to regularly comb them anyway. Ambady made a similar wig for Jagathy. After the shoot, Jagathy asked the photographer to share the stills with him in large print. He was so impressed by Ambady’s work, it was no less a National Award for Ranjith. This is not all, Superstar actor Mammootty appreciated Ambady’s excellence for his movie, Paleri Manikyam where he was asked to play three roles. One of them was of a feudal landlord, for this, he was intended to wear a white hair wig.

Mammootty did not want to wear a wig, it became challenging for Ranjith, he then thought of an idea to paste the hair on the Muslim cap, so every time Mammootty had to shoot, he just would have to wear a cap instead of gluing fake wig over his head. Mammootty was amazed to see Ambady’s dedication towards his job. Ranjith has experienced tough times too. It was when he had to work in the movie, “How old are you?”, he met with an accident and broke his bone. He got plastered and recovered almost after one month. But unfortunately, the bone was still not healed completely. The doctor suggested him to get operated and put a rod to connect the bones, meaning, another three months bed rest. Ranjith was notified by the makers of “Take off”. The film producer, Anto Joseph Anto Joseph is famous for producing spectacular fi >> Read More... Anto Joseph told Ranjith that they were not sure if he would be able to devote himself to the project of one-month length. But eventually he did and it paid him off with an Award from Kerala State Film Award show for the Best Make-up Artist. It was the persistent dedication of Ranjith that brought him with such commendable status as a Make-up artist.

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