Cinema line nbsp Universal PicturesPlot Minions these little guys are now a bonafide phenomenon The film backs upon a digital and animation and it spe

Minions Movie Review

Minions Review English
Review for the film " Minions"
Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-07-2015
Genre: Animation
3 / 5.0



Cinema line: Universal Pictures

Plot: Minions Click to look into! >> Read More... ”: these little guys are now a bonafide phenomenon. The film backs upon a digital and animation and it spelt an aura in minds of children and adults. The little creatures with high pitched voices were totally unintelligible. They seem altogether adorable.

The latest animation feature from Illumination Entertainment is they waited to create something when someone was not born. As the film opens up there is introductory part of narration in the movie by Geoffrey Rush He first appeared in TV Series “Consumer Capers” f >> Read More... who tries to explains that these unicellular organisms have existed since the dawn of time.

Well, then these minions inadvertently cause the demise of the bosses, who they aspire to serve. The minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob are all voiced by , the film’s co-director and creator of the diminutive characters.

Since it is a graphic and animation film, naturally the voice over has the part to play. Minions have tried to find the perfect evil boss to work for them as henchmen. So three brave millions Kevin, Stuart and Bob set out to find a new master. In their journey, Stuart and Bob are captured, and Kevin tries to free them.

The film is set in the period of 1960s. So the soundtrack also has vintage tones. Some of the soundtrack charts are highly popular. Minions are highly musical creatures. So the music too was really masterpiece. In Minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob find themselves working for an evil villain in London’s swinging’ ’60s, and the film’s soundtrack stays parked right in that glorious musical decade. The voice of the star cast is dynamic- they bring all character alive and dialogues in English and Spanish is really a treat to hear.