M.S. Narayana was a film Telugu actor in South India. He was born on 16 April 1951 at Nidamarru, Andhra Pradesh. He has acted in more than 750 films. He was born to Mailavarapu Bapi Raju and Venkata Subbamma.

His debut as an actor came up with the movie Pedarayudu in 1995. He is a writer and director too. He was primarily known for his comedy roles, that he did in movies. He best played drunkard role and was very famous for that. And he had played this drunkard role in more than 200 movies. He had got a unique talent of making everyone laugh at his dialogues. His comedy timing was perfect, and he was very enjoyable to watch. He had married M.V. Kala Prapoorna and had two children with her.

His direction debut came when he launched his son, Vikram. Unfortunately, the movie failed at box office collections. After two failures as a director, he moved to acting again. At first, he was forced by a director to act in the movie and after that, there was no turning back for him.

In his career, he won five Nandi Awards for Best Comedian in his movies. Also, he won a Best Supporting Actor Award in Filmfare Awards South. He died on 23 January 2015 due to multi-organ failure.

Kalyanam Raghuramaiah Telugu Actor

Kalyanam Raghuramaiah

Kalyanam Raghuramaiah or better known as Eelapata Raghuramaiah is a Telugu singer, stage and film actor. He was born as Kalyanam Venkata Subbaiah on March 5, 1901, in the village of Suddapalli, Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. His parents are Kalyanam Narasimhan and Venkata Subbama. He was popular during his childhood after portraying the role of Raghurama and hence, he was named as Raghuramaiah by the late journalist and politician, Kasinathuni Nageswara Rao. Kalyanam was only 8-years old when Dantu Kishtaiah, owner of a drama company, noticed him. He sensed that he has the potentials, and so he asked permission from Kalyanam’s father to take him and polished him to become an actor. In the span of 60 years, Kalyanam has acted as Krishna, Bhavanisankar, Dushyantha, Narada and more. Initially, he underwent music training from Yadavalli Suryanarayana. Later on, he got involved in raga alapana and he rendered padyams and songs through his unique way of whistling. He had done over 45,000 stage performances and has acted in several dramas. The Bengali polymath, Rabindranath Tagore, called him the “Nightingale of the Stage.” His extraordinary talent in music had made him Famous. Even Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi appreciated him. In the year 1933, he was debuted in the Telugu film, 'Prudhvi Putra'; the fifth film in the Telugu film industry and the first Telugu film that was produced by a Telugu person. Kalyanam had portrayed Krishna in many of his films including 'Chintamani' and in the popular drama, 'Sri Krishna Rayabaram'. He had acted in many films such as 'Bhakta Kuchela', 'Apavadu', 'Maya Rambha', 'Mayapilla', 'Sati Sakkubai', 'Shri Krishna Tulabharam', 'Nagarjuna', 'Dakshayagnam', 'Mohini Bhasmasura' and much more. Kalyanam became a playback singer in the 1967 Telugu film, 'Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna'; as a request of his comedian friend, Basavaraju Venkata Padmanabha Rao, who also produced the film. In 1973, he was awarded with Sangeet Natak Akademi Award and with the prestigious Padmashri Award that was presented by the Government of India in the year 1975. In 1938, he got married to Savitri, the daughter of Sitamma and Venkata Subbaiah. They have one daughter named Thota Satyavathi. Kalyanam has toured Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, along with his drama troupe during the 1970s. On February 24, 1975, he died due to a heart attack. He was 75 years old when he died.


Daggubati Venkatesh

One of the most talented face in Telugu film industry, his latest flick ’ Drushyam’ proves that age does not matter to be a successful hero in the industry. In his career spanning 27 years, the actor still has huge fanfare and he is the evergreen hero of Telugu cinema. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was born to a veteran filmmaker, Ramanaidu Daggubati; hence getting an entry in filmdom was not a tough. His elder brother was Suresh Babu Daggubati, who too owned Suresh Productions. Hence he had always wanted to make his mark in the film production, but destiny had some other things in store for him. Thus, he got his first break as leading hero in Kaliyuga Pandavulu in the year 1986. With huge success, the film makers were at his door steps signing films after films, which broke many records in the Telugu film industry. Viewers liked his performance in K. Vishwanath’s flick’ Swarnakamalam’, a film which won him international appreciation too. Venkatesh also acted in musical romance film ‘Prema’ and acted in series of hits like ‘Bobbili Raja’, with Divya Bharti and even starred opposite Sridevi in Ram Gopal Varma’s blockbuster ‘Kshana Kshanam’. Venkatesh has ruled the industry like one-man show. He also acted in Hindi film such as’ Anari’, with Karishma Kapoor. This film was a remake of Telugu film ’Chanti’ (1992). In 1995, he appeared opposite Raveena Tandon in ‘Taqdeerwala’. He also acted in ‘Shatruvu’ and ‘Surya IPS’ where viewers raved his performances. He was seen playing a dual role in ‘Suryavamsam’ and was acknowledged for his towering performance in the role of father and son. He is one of the very few actors in Telugu cinema, who made a huge impact on the audiences minds for his sweet, adorable and entertaining movie that always boasts of his brilliant performances. As he is popular with his tag name that is “Victory Venkatesh”, he is currently working in a Tollywood movie “Venky the Rascal’, which is a remake of a Malayalam movie. This actor has acted so far in seventy movies, out of which, thirty-five movies are remake films!

Daggubati Venkatesh Telugu Actor