The Best 10 Disaster Movies Of Hollywood

The Best 10 Disaster Movies Of Hollywood English Article

Disaster! This is best felt when watched in a film. And for all the sound effects and the spine-chilling action of our favorite stars, these films manage to create tension. Well, here is a list of top 10 disaster flicks of Hollywood. 

Apollo 13 

The lunar mission Apollo 13 is the focus of this flick. You will surely remember Tom Hanks for his exemplary performance after watching this flick. The movie is profound in all aspects, and the disaster-prone Apollo space mission is well presented by director Ron Howard.

Independence Day

When peculiar happenings take place in the globe like terror challenging a doom to some of the world’s cities, good things should surely happen. And director Roland Emmerich should be appreciated for the earnestness in which he presented this flick.


Well, I would not do justice to this list if I don’t include Titanic. This disaster film, beautifully woven into a saga of love, is indeed a masterpiece by James Cameroon. The sinking of the sensational Titanic is captured with great perfection in this film. 

The Impossible

A holiday is turning into the deadliest nightmare! Can you imagine it! Well, The Impossible deals with the furore of the sea, but eventually its compassion and kindness that wins. The film has a unique sensitivity running throughout its duration. Many people can help, but why can’t that be you? This statement resounds throughout the flick.

The World War Z

A deadly virus is on the surge! The city turns into a place of chaos and confusion and there is a threat to humanity. The flick has a compelling energy and it manages to create panic. 


Godzilla escapes from the deep sea and creates a deadly impact. And there is Aaron Taylor –Johnson and his estranged brother Bryan Cranston to add to the heroic act. The thundering footsteps of the King of Monsters are sure to panic you. The human sentiments in this flick are also appealing.

The Towering Inferno

Well, a fire catches on a building in San Francisco. A tired fire chief and the construction’s architect unite to save lives at stake. Steve McQueen and Paul Newman have done their roles that they will never regret in life.


Is it jet lag that killed Gwyneth Paltrow after she returns to her place Minnesota? But again, when a global pandemic occurs, things are seen in a different light. Soderbergh’s direction works quite well in this flick.

The Poseidon Adventure

Here the disaster is a tidal wave. The struggle of a team of survivors is presented well by director Ronald Neame. Visual effects are just stunning in this flick. The performance of Gene Hackman is commendable.


Sandra Bullock, who is assigned her initial shuttle mission, along with Commander George Clooney, is stranded in space, and there is no single clue for escape. Terrible right? And the scenes too evoke terror in you. Director Cuaron has efficiently managed to create tension in the audience. Sandra Bullock can connect with the audience throughout the flick. Her terrified expressions are really good.