Tatineni Satya, belongs to the family of director’s, who have been directing movies for last 25 years. His grandfather’ s name was Tatineni Prakash Rao, and he directed many films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages which included films like ‘ Drohi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ released in 1948, ‘Parivartanam’ released in 1954, ‘Samsaram’ in 1975, ‘Bahu Beti’ released in the year 1965, Gali Patalu, and much more. His father, TLV Prasad, has his name registered in the Limca book of world records for churning out 35 movies with the same lead actor. His father started his career with the movie ‘Kudi Edamaithe’.

Tatineni Satya upon completing his school from Chennai went to Loyola College, Chennai for completing his graduation in Visual Communications. Tatineni started his career as an assisting director to David Dhawan Born on 16th of August 1955, David Dhawan has alwa >> Read More... with the film ‘Jodi No. 1’, and then on other seven movies, after which he assisted ‘ Priya Also called as Priyasri, Priya is an actress in So >> Read More... ’, a director of Telugu language films and then decided to direct his own. He contacted the producer RB Chowdary and without mentioning any details of his family narrated the script to him, and then he asked Tatineni Satya to direct the film though he wasn’t expecting such an offer. Tatineni Satya went to Hyderabad and started auditioning characters for the movie and convinced the producers and started the movie.

He worked for 54 days, and the movie was complete. The movie’s duration is 2 hours and 20 minutes, and they got a lot of time after shooting wrapped up to make changes in the film. The film is called ‘Bheemili’, where seven boys who aspire to win a kabaddi championship though, in the beginning, it is a love story which focuses more on winning the kabaddi championship in the second half. He did the parts of spot boy, production manager, costume, director, choreographer in the film and said that all he wanted to do was to make the movie better. His movie has the new locations; they did most of the shooting in Pochampalli, Polavaram, and Bheemili for the movie to look more original.

He says that he made his first income after working with David Dhawan, which was a meagre sum of rupees 300 and he saved them by not taking any vehicle but walking his way home. He aims to be like his grandfather instead of his father as he says making better movies is better instead of just making more films. He says that he wants to work in movies of different categories and will reach great heights in his career.