Top 10 Juiciest Moments In Bigg Boss Tamil

Top 10 Juiciest Moments In Bigg Boss Tamil English Article

The rush that comes when each promo gets released makes us sit in front of the TV with our dinner every night for 100 days consecutively. Since there is a diversity of people in the show, proving that they are no different from us makes this show relatable, and opposing personalities living under the same roof brings about clashes. Here are those top 10 juiciest moments on Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Bigg Boss .



Owing to a previous injury, a seemingly calm '' starts gasping while holding onto her abdomen. Most of the housemates came to her aid. Gayathri Raguram Born on 23rd April 1984 in Chennai, Gayathri Ragur >> Read More... Gayathri Raguram and ' Namitha Namitha is a popular actress in south Indian film >> Read More... Namitha ,' who were dining, watched the scene unravel in front of them, but they weren’t moved. Instead, they claimed that Julie was acting. A semi-conscious Julie overheard their comment and started crying while ' Oviya Jaya TV is the most popular and loved Tamil Entert >> Read More... Oviya ' gave her a shoulder to lean. Right when Oviya left, Gayathri came to the room. Julie suddenly turn-coated, blamed Oviya for their misunderstanding and stated that Oviya was badmouthing them. This incident angered everyone in the house and everyone at home but for totally different reasons. No wonder Oviya has an army!



The whole house was in a phase of boycotting Oviya. They never included her in any conversation or activity. Unanimously, they had even complained to Bigg Boss that they are not willing to exist in the same house as her. While the house was already getting heated, Oviya was drinking her morning coffee, oblivious of what has been going on in the background. Shakthi, the leader of the cleaning team, had asked Oviya to clean, to which she calmly replied that she did not mind doing it if she has a proper reason. This angered Shakthi who shouted at her that he would slap her. Unnerved by this, Oviya stood up for herself and asked him to slap her if he had the guts.



Namitha had asked Ganja Karuppu Ganja Karuppu is a reputed comedian in Tamil cine >> Read More... Ganja Karuppu to clean. When inquired as to who ordered him to, the finger pointed at Actor Bharani Bharani is an Indian film performer who has acted >> Read More... Actor Bharani , who was taking a bath at the time. When he returned, Ganja Karuppu confronted him to which he coolly replied that he was the one supposed to clean but couldn’t because he had to bathe. His reply made Ganja Karuppu furious, who started swearing at him. Rumors began to spread across the house, targeting Bharani that he is a molester. Being the father of a daughter himself, Bharani couldn’t take the pressure of the housemates ganging upon him. He started climbing on the building, over the electrical fence, while the rest of them didn’t even care enough to look at him.



The week’s task was aptly named The Kargil War. The house was divided into two teams, blue and yellow, and Shariq was the judge. When Shariq had given Mumtaj an instruction regarding the task, Mumtaj took it personally and told that Shariq couldn’t order her around. A friendly tussle took a turn for the worse when Mumtaj dared Shariq to plaster her mouth if he could. The playful Shariq poked Mumtaj on her back. His action made Mumtaj’s anger burst out as tears as she warned Shariq not to mess with her.


HAIL AISHWARYA (Bigg Boss Season 2)


It was the Dictator week in the house. Aishwarya Dutta Aishwarya Dutta is a Tamil film actress. This mesm >> Read More... Aishwarya Dutta was chosen as the dictator and given a room with secret footage of all the other housemates. With Danny and Janani as her subordinates and the rest of the house as her followers, she started taking charge, a bit too harshly. After having seen the secret footage of Thadi Balaji Thadi Balaji is an Indian television anchor and ac >> Read More... Thadi Balaji commenting on her, an unstable Aishwarya stormed into the house and upturned the trash bin over Balaji’s head while he silently let it happen. Dazed and confused, the rest of the housemates were scared as to how they were going to get through the week. Eventually, the dictator’s reign came to a drowning end when Ponnambalam shoved her into the pool.

MAHAT AND YASHIKA: PDA AND PG13 (Bigg Boss Season 2)


They called it friendship, but it certainly looked like it was more than that. The unspoken subject was the closeness of Yashika Aannand Yashika Anand is an Indian model-turned-film actre >> Read More... Yashika Aannand and Mahat, who is in an already committed relationship. Even if the housemates turned a blind eye to it, it angered the audience, and Mahat was eliminated with a red card warning. Yashika, who was always strong, cried for the very first time on BiggBoss on Mahat’s elimination.

LOVE TRIANGLE (Bigg Boss Season 3)

' Kavin Kavin is a young talented actor, who hails from Tr >> Read More... Kavin ' established his signature by proposing to all girls using the same words in the first week. As the show progressed, Sakshi Agarwal reciprocated her feelings for Kavin. ' Losliya Losliya Mariyanesan is a Sri Lankan model cum news >> Read More... Losliya ' befriended Kavin, and they were having fun whenever Sakshi wasn’t around. Word got around quickly as it is a house with people having nothing to do but live. Sakshi’s jealousy pushed Kavin away from her, and he switched over to Losliya. Unfortunately for Sakshi, she was eliminated. Kavin turned his focus on Losliya. Ignorant of others’ advice, they proceeded with their relationship, confessing their love for each other.

MEERA MANHANDLED (Bigg Boss Season 3)

It was Village week in the house. ' Cheran Cheran was born on December 12, 1970, in Pazhaiyur >> Read More... Cheran ' played the village head, Meera Mithun Meera Mithun is an Indian Film Actress, State regi >> Read More... Meera Mithun , an old villager, Losliya, the daylight thief. Losliya had stolen a pot, and all of them were playfully chasing her. During the friendly hassle, Cheran forcefully pulled Meera out of the way to get to Losliya. Once the task came to an end, Meera informed the others about this incident and told that Cheran had used violence against her inappropriately. Cheran did not take this well as it was defaming, but most importantly, he is the father of his daughters, and it would affect their future.


Jangiri Madhumitha Madhumitha or Jangiri Madhumitha is a Tamil Serial >> Read More... Jangiri Madhumitha had gotten into a heated argument with all the men in the house, claiming that they are treating the women as slaves. She had also voiced out her opinion on women’s dignified dressing and rapes, having colliding views with almost everyone in the house. Vanitha has called out Madhumitha to be a hypocrite. With almost everyone against her, being saved from elimination was a very emotional moment for Madhumitha. When the whole house was against her, it was the audience votes that reassured her stand in the house.


The task given for selecting the house captain involves sticking a coin on the competitor’s shirt, and whoever had a clean shirt would win. In the first round, Mohan Vaidya Mohan Vaidya is a popular serial actor, cinema act >> Read More... Mohan Vaidya was ruled out. The second round started, and Abhirami has stuck a coin on Vanitha Vijayakumar Vanitha Vijayakumar is a Tamil actress and the dau >> Read More... Vanitha Vijayakumar . Vanitha was chasing her but to vain as she couldn’t catch up to her. Vanitha stated that the game is not fair, as it should be conducted in closed quarters using magnetic coins. Her complaint made Tharshan question her integrity. He pointed out to her having double standards. Unable to accept Tharshan’s backtalk, Vanitha took off her mic in protest and said that she wouldn’t play until Bigg Boss calls her to the confession room.