Cheran Tamil Actor
  • DOB : 12-12-1970
  • Age : 52
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills

Cheran was born on December 12, 1970, in Pazhaiyurpatty, Melur. His father Pandian was a Projector Operator in Vellalur touring theater and his mother Kamala was a primary school teacher. He has two sisters. He is a Tamil, film Director.

From early childhood, he had a keen interest in Dramatics. Initially, he started off his career as a Production Manager in some movies. He even worked as an assistant director under Director K.S. Ravikumar in ‘Puriyaadha Pudhir.’

He finally made his directional debut in ‘’ in 1997 through Producer Henry. The film met with a lot of controversies but keeping that aside it managed to hit he box office. He even practiced his acting skills under Thangar Bachan’s‘Solla Marandha Kadhai.’ Sooner he became one of the best-known Directors in the box office.

He has won the National Award three times,

1. “Vetri Kodi Kattu” (Best film of 2000)

2. " Autograph AUTOGRAPH (FIVE FINGERS) is a serial that revolves >> Read More... Autograph " (Most Entertaining Film in 2004) and

3. “ Thavamai Thavamirundhu Story soon >> Read More... Thavamai Thavamirundhu ” National award for best film on Family Welfare in the year 2005. From early childhood, he dreamt of becoming an actor. He even moved to Chennai with a pocket full of hopes and heart full of dreams to achieve his aims. He applied his childhood acting skills, but it didn’t work. Then he gave his shot for the other side of the coin, Direction.

One has rightly said, if you have the passion for achieving something, no hindrance can ever stop you. His movies focused on serious issues and carried a moral and social message for the society. Sooner or later with the grace of God, his fame rose to the heights of glory in his direction career. Cheran is a person with intense thoughts and passion.

He says, “Everybody chases money and money chases everybody. It’s like a game of hide and seek.” Cheran’s movies are somewhere or the other inspired by someone. Like the movies he used to watch in his childhood when he was a simple fan took deep roots within him. There is no particular attributes to his thought behind a successful movie but the environment in which he lived, his family, his lifestyle and his village and his social life somewhere cater to it.

The reason that he has reached up high is that he never looks down. With each new movie, he directs it like a learner and gains and will gain what he well deserves.