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Mohan Vaidya is a popular serial actor, cinema actor and above them all, he is a good violinist. Mohan Vaidya was born on 29th November 1959 to KM Vaidyanathan and Vasantha. He is the elder brother of violinist Rajesh Vaidya. Mohan Vaidya was unable to speak till his fourth age. He is an extraordinary singer too. He used to sing in female voices too. His favorite female voice is the cuckoo voice of playback singer Vani Jayaram. Mohan Vaidya used to sing Vani’s songs during his school days. He has won prizes by singing Nadhamenum Kovilile, Megame Megmae, Aezhu Swarangalukkul, Malligai En Mannan Mayangum and many more songs. He has got many fans for his voice. His father is Gadam Vaidyanathan and mother Vasantha. His mother is a singer in radio. Mohan’s brother Ravi is a drummer. His third brother Ashok is a singer. His family is a musical family with vocal, violin and Gadam. His favorite raga is Shanmuga Priya. Mohan Vaidya is doing many concerts in India as well as outside India. He has also performed concerts for Atul Bihari Vajpayee. He is the owner of Anusham Academy. It is a musical school which teaches vocal music, classical music, violin and keyboard. The students are also taught voice culture and voice modulation in his academy. His plan is to do a great show, which nobody had done yet. He wants to do a colorful show that comprises of classical and light music. He wants to entertain people with varieties of music. He has also sung in films. His favorite musician is Maestro Ilayaraja. He has received an award Isai Vendhan in Sri Lanka. He is also awarded as Kala Sevaga ratna in Bangalore and Shreshta Kala Prachar by Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan in Delhi.

Mohan Vaidya’s popular roles in the movies are Ambi in Chiyaan Vikram Vikram is from the Tamil family. His father is Chr >> Read More... starrer “Sethu” and father of Sadaf Mohammed in “Anniyan.” He did his Diploma in Music from Madras Carnatic College. He got trained in music from KC Thiyagarajan, who worked as a music composer in All India Radio. Besides being a well-versed musician, Mohan Vaidya is an expert in Bharata Natyam and Odissi. He also plays Nattuvangam. It is interesting to know that he is a great cook too.

Sai Sishya is the brainchild of Mohan Vaidya. It is a music school that was started in Coimbatore. After the success of the school in Coimbatore, Mohan Vaidya started a new school in Tiruppur too. The musician cum actor trusts that music is something that could heal any pain and it brings back the lost energy. Sai Sishya not only teaches the children, classical Carnatic music, but devotional music, energetic folk and even film music. The school has a great ambiance that induces the children to develop a special interest in music. In his hectic schedule, Mohan Vaidya guides the school Sai Sishya and motivates the students. Mohan Vaidya lost his wife in a train accident. He has a son. Mohan Vaidya takes part in Bigg Boss Season 3 hosted by Kamal Haasan Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor that Indi >> Read More... .


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