Top 10 Hindi Serials Based On The Indian Armed Forces

Top 10 Hindi Serials Based On The Indian Armed Forces Hindi Article

1. Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan Tujhpe dil Qurbaan (an expression which means you >> Read More... Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan

Small screen dedicated the period of 80’s and 90’s to the shows portraying the greatness and valour of the Indian Armed Forces.One such show was the classic drama ‘Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan’ which aired during 1995-1996 on Sony Entertainment Television. The plot of the story revolves around a commando training centre where young officers are given the training to combat the evil forces in the hour of need. But instead of concentrating on the training, the officers mainly focussed on the disillusions of their lives. The lead cast of the series included Parmeet Sethi Parmeet Sethi came to limelight as Kuljeet in the >> Read More... Parmeet Sethi , Arun Gohil, Benjamin Gilani Benjamin Gilani born on November 20, 1946, is a ve >> Read More... Benjamin Gilani and others. The theme of Love, Patriotism, and Dilemma won the hearts of Indian audiences and made ‘Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan’ a mega success.

2. Ajnabi Ajnabi is a Hindi television show which aired on D >> Read More... Ajnabi

The television series ‘Ajnabi’ which aired on DD Metro in 90’s was inspired by the Nepalese movie ‘saino’. It was directed by Ugyen Chopel and produced by Romesh Sharma Romesh Sharma (original name Romesh Brij Sharma) i >> Read More... Romesh Sharma . Besides playing the role of an ex-army man, Denny Denzongpa was also the writer of the serial. The other cast of the serial included Parikshat Sahni, Annu Kapoor Annu Kapoor or born as Anil Kapoor, is an Indian m >> Read More... Annu Kapoor , Tinnu Anand Tinnu Anand can only be described as a multi talen >> Read More... Tinnu Anand and Goga Kapoor Goga Kapoor or Ravinder Kapoor was an actor. He wa >> Read More... Goga Kapoor . The series portrayed the intrepidity of the armed forces and strenuous life of everyone affected due to internecine war. The title track of the series gained popularity among the youth and contributed to the success of the series.

3. Left Right Left

Yet another popular drama based on Indian Army was the show Left Right Left which aired on the channel Sab TV. The show was directed and produced by Tony Singh Tony Singh, a Scottish chef, from Leith based in E >> Read More... Tony Singh and Divya Singh. It had two seasons. The second season ended on September 26, 2008. The plot of the serial revolves around the lives of six cadets who are under training in the army academy ‘Kanchanjunga Military Academy ’. The cast of the serial included Rajeev Khandelwal Rajeev Khandelwal is a model turned film and telev >> Read More... Rajeev Khandelwal as Captain Raj Veer Singh, Priyanka Bassi Priyanka Bassi is an Indian model turned actress. >> Read More... Priyanka Bassi as Cadet Naina Singh Ahulwalia, Vikas Manaktala Vikas Manaktala is an Indian actor. He was born on >> Read More... Vikas Manaktala as Cadet Huda, Harshad Chopra as Cadet Ali Baig, and Arjun Bijlani Arjun Bijlani is an Indian Television Actor. Arjun >> Read More... Arjun Bijlani as Cadet Alekh Sharma. The plot, the theme of patriotism, friendship, vengeance and sizzling chemistry between Naina and Huda made it popular among the Indian audiences.

4. Saara Aakash

‘Saara Aakash’, the popular Indian series which aired on nationwide channel STAR PLUS got released on 7th August 2003. It was directed and produced by Basu Chatterjee Basu Chatterjee is an Indian screenplay writer and >> Read More... Basu Chatterjee . The story of the serial revolves around the young clique of Air Force officers Vikram Kocchar ( Shakti Anand Famous for his role as Nikhil Samarth in the dram >> Read More... Shakti Anand ), Jatin Gohil ( Manav Gohil Manav Gohil, the name is enough. There are actors >> Read More... Manav Gohil ), Karan Singh Rathore Karan Singh Rathore, popularly known to the fans a >> Read More... Karan Singh Rathore ( Anuj Saxena Anuj Saxena is a famous businessman, Bollywood act >> Read More... Anuj Saxena ), and Saurav Singh. The four young Pilots are under the command of elegant Air Commodore AOC Suraj Singh played by the veteran actor Suraj Singh. The role of his young daughter who is also a Pilot was played by Sai Deodar. The story uncovers the theme of love, friendship, and envy. The story exhibits the dedication of young Pilots towards their alluring profession. The theme, plot, and brilliant performances of the actors made ‘Saara Aakash’ a big hit.

5. Chhoona Hai Aasman

Chhoona Hai Aasman, an Indian series which aired on Star One between October 15, 2007, and July 10, 2008, had Iqbal Khan as its main lead. Iqbal Khan played the role of male protagonist flight/ Lt Abhimanyu Adhikari while the role of female protagonist Flight/Lt Sameera Singh was played by Janvi Chheda Janvi Chheda is a Model and an Indian actress. S >> Read More... Janvi Chheda . The plot of the serial revolves around the lives of six Indian Air Force officers played by Maanish Paul, Vivan Bhatena Vivan Bhatena is a well-known face among the aud >> Read More... Vivan Bhatena , Vaani Sharma Vaani Sharma is an Indian television actress who i >> Read More... Vaani Sharma and Aparna Kumar Aparna Kumar is a super model and actress. She was >> Read More... Aparna Kumar who form a team called Hawks to protect the nation from terrorist attacks. The canvas of the serial was full of fighter planes, live actions which appealed to the audiences. In the midst of melodramatic Saas Bahu Serials, ‘Chhoona Hai Aasman’ gave Indian viewers a breath of fresh air.

6. Sea Hawks The era of the 1990s was the timing of some of the >> Read More... Sea Hawks

Sea Hawks, an Indian series which aired on Doordarshan National’s Metro (DD Metro) in the late 1990’s was directed by Anubhav Sinha Anubhav Sinha was born on 22nd June 1956 in Jamalp >> Read More... Anubhav Sinha and produced by Anirudhya Mitra. The storyline of the serial was based on the lives of coast guard officers who always kept their lives at stake and fought against evil forces. The cast of the show included Om Puri Om Rajesh Puri is one of the widely noted senior a >> Read More... Om Puri , R Madhavan, Simone Singh Simone Singh is the face of Indian Television. She >> Read More... Simone Singh , Anup Soni Anup or Anoop Soni is an Indian TV and film actor, >> Read More... Anup Soni , and others. It was the only TV series which was shot on land, air, water and under water. The action, drama and notable performances of the actors enabled it to remain the no.1 show for a year.

7. Param Vir Chakra ‘Param Vir Chakra’ is a TV serial based on the lif >> Read More... Param Vir Chakra

Param Vir Chakra, an Indian serial directed by the noted film director Chetan Anand Chetan Anand (from 3 January 1921 to 6 July 1997) >> Read More... Chetan Anand was originally released in 1988. The show was broadcasted on DD National. The serial portrayed the real lives of the winners of India’s highest military honour ‘Param Vir Chakra’. The first episode of the series portrayed the braveness of the first recipient of ‘Param Vir Chakra’ gallantry award Major Somnath Sharma of Kumaon regiment. The brilliant performances of the actors Farooq Sheikh Farooq Sheikh is a legendary actor, a television p >> Read More... Farooq Sheikh , Kanwaljeet Singh and Naseerudin Shah along with the touching and realistic theme of patriotism enabled the series to gain success in no time.

8. Fauji

The debut show of our very own King Khan Shahrukh Khan, Fauji was telecasted on DD National in 1989. The show produced and directed by Col R.K Kapoor depicted the lives of Indian Army commandoes right from their days in military training to their eventual induction as soldiers. The show talked about friendship, real emotions, patriotism and struggle in a training centre. The show enabled the Indian viewers to witness the never seen action stunts like the parachute jump, arms and ammunition display. The outstanding performance of Shahrukh Khan as Lt Abhimanyu Rai and other casts like Rakesh Sharma Rakesh Sharma, a well-known actor and a director, >> Read More... Rakesh Sharma , Amina Shervani Amina Shervani born on 23rd December 1968, in Mumb >> Read More... Amina Shervani and Manjula Avtar Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... Manjula Avtar made Fauji a mega success.

9. Aarohan

Aarohan, the famous TV serial, which aired on Doordarshan in mid-1990’s starred Pallavi Joshi Pallavi Joshi is an Indian model, producer, film a >> Read More... Pallavi Joshi as its main lead. It was a youth drama based on Indian Navy directed as well as produced by the protagonist of the serial, Pallavi Joshi. The plot of the serial revolves around the life of a young, enthusiastic and ambitious girl Nikita (Pallavi Joshi) who joins the academy with her introvert friend ( Shefali Shah The beautiful Shefali Shah is an actress of Indian >> Read More... Shefali Shah ). The other cast of the serial included talented and versatile actors Anju Mahendru Anju Mahendru is an Indian actress, born on Januar >> Read More... Anju Mahendru , Arun Bali The face behind many elderly roles in Indian movie >> Read More... Arun Bali , Tarun Dhanrajgir, and Harsh Chhaya Harsh Chhaya is an Indian television and Bollywood >> Read More... Harsh Chhaya who played the role of different naval officers of the academy. The dashing actor R. Madhavan was seen in a cameo role of a naval officer. The 13 episode series shows how Nikita overcomes all the difficulties which come in her way during her training in the Naval Academy and comes out with flying colours.

10. Samandar Samandar is an Indian television show that was sho >> Read More... Samandar

The list of top 10 serials based on Indian Armed Forces would be incomplete without mentioning the name of the serial made by the naval officers. Yeah, you guessed it right. The TV Series we are talking about is the serial ‘Samandar’ which aired on doordarshan in 1995-1996. The show was produced and directed by retired wing commander Anup Singh Bedi. It was the debut serial of former model and television and Bollywood actor Samir Soni Samir Soni is a well-known Hinidi television and f >> Read More... Samir Soni . The other cast of the serial included actors like Girish Malik Girish Malik was an independent stage actor and ne >> Read More... Girish Malik , Aman Yatan Verma Aman Yatan Verma was born on October 11, 1971. His >> Read More... Aman Yatan Verma , and Vinita Malik. The mesmerising title track of the serial ‘Samandar ki haseen lehren’ by Sultan S Malik became very popular among the youth and topped the TRP list in 1995-1996.The serial lasted for a year and depicted the lives of Naval officers and their commitment to the force and nation.