Aparna Kumar is a super model and actress. She was born on 03 June 1983 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She had completed her B.com and joined the modeling profession. For her, modeling is a passion. She had started her career with North Star advertisement campaign. She is planning to test waters in creative in an ad agency. As an actor she was first debuted in TV series named ‘Kiss Kis Ko’ which is a musical comedy. Acting upon this show she came up into immense limelight and became very well know actor of tinsel town. She did many commercials advertisement like Modi Xerox ads, Roohafza, 7Up; Atlas Cycles etc. Acting upon these, she was signed for playing a role in Wills cigarette which was her one of the international assignment. 
Aparna Kumar made her last debut in movie named “Popcorn Khaao Mast Ho Jayo”. Aparna a supermodel who became a part of India’s first English sitcom in which she plays a much older woman in ‘Bombay Talking’ of Zee Cafe’s. She has become a permanent face for the advertisement of Wills and has also endorsed other brands like, High Command Whisky, BPL-Sanyo, Meena Bazaar, Fair & Lovely, Charmis, 7Up. She has debuted herself in TV serials as well as bollywood movies. ‘Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao’ in 2004 was her first debut in bollywood movies in which she was performing the role of character named Sushmita Singh. Due to her fame once again she was seen in the movie name “Rok Sako To Rok Lo” in 2004 performing character named “ Sanjana”. She was seen in movie directed by most talented actor Shubhash Ghai’s ' Yuvvraaj' in 2008 performing the character of “Sunanda”. She even did very beautiful TV serial name “ Chhoona Hai Aasmaan” in 2007 performing the character of flight lieutenant “Isha Oberoi”. She was recently seen in the TV series named “Reality Stars” performing the character named “Malini” in 2013.
Aparna is the favourite of all the top designers and fashion choreographers. "She has the most beautiful pair of eyes in the entire Indian modeling industry", was the statement given by most of the photographers. The talented actress who was seen in ‘Choona Hai Aasman’ is presently busy working in color’s show ‘ Jaane Kya Baat Hui’. The beautiful actress is seen playing the character of “Raveena”. Performing the role of character named “Shreya” and “Menka” the memory stealer in “Humne Li Hai Shapath” is series telecasted on Life Ok in which she was last seen as a supporting role for few episodes. “ Daanav Hunters” is her latest series in which she has already started shooting for the show which will be telecasted on the Epic TV India's first genre entertainment based GEC.

Aryan Vaid Hindi Actor

Aryan Vaid

Aryan Vaid was born on 4 July 1976. He is an Indian male model who won the Graviera Mr. India displaying event in the year 2000. He likewise happened to win the Mister International Award 2000. Vaid is a qualified culinary expert and a lifestyle journalist with The Hindustan Times. He has been energetically included with theater and has done a couple of road plays at the Prithvi theatre in Mumbai. It was during one of these plays that he was offered a part in the TV serials. He has acted in various Bollywood films. Beginning his career in a low budget movie “Market” which got very successful he got a great name and fame.In this manner he had an arrangement of little budget pictures that did greatly well in the cinematic world. It was result of his hard work and luck that he got a role in the superhit film Apne. Despite the fact that the movie had a normal run, Aryan did score up nice audits for his acting and build. However exactly when it seemed as though he would become wildly successful, he moved to the USA. He was a housemate on Bigg Boss produced by Endemol India for Sony Entertainment Television. In 2008 Aryan Vaid wedded Alexandra Copley educator of photography and well-known yoga and health teacher. Aryan have showed up in numerous top notch movies, for example, Desh Drohi (2008), Right Yaaa Wrong (2009), Kisme Kitna Hai Dum (2009), Veer (2010) and many more. He has additionally participated “Welcome - Baazi Mehmaan-Nawaazi Ki” which is a well renowned Indian TV serial. Aryan is as of now on Zee Tv's new show, "Rab Se Sonha Ishq" as Harry, a taxi driver in London.


Abhimaan Balhara

Abhimaan Balhara, previously known as Ajay Balhara, is a model and an actor. He changed his name to Abhimaan while he was modeling in Delhi, India, as advised by the people around him. He had two options at that time- it was either to use his current screen name, or to use Abhimanyu Albara. During that time, Abhimaan said, “People know me as a model anyway. I am sure people will get used to my new name soon”. He has a twin brother named Vijay, who is also a ramp model. He said that they were like mirrors of each other. He played the male lead role in the prime time daily, ‘Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi’, on the channel, NDTV imagine. He played the role of ‘Aditya’, a rich, spoiled, young guy who is also very arrogant. Another role had been open to him alongside with his role as ‘Aditya’, this was the character of ‘Samar Pratap Singh’ in ‘Jhoome Jiiya Re’, and he played a bad guy in the serial. He was doing two different characters in one day during those times. He also played the role of ‘Rajdeep Sahni’ in the Star One serial, ‘Jaane Pehchaane Se… Ye Ajnabbi’. Abhimaan enjoyed his work well, despite his busy schedule in modeling and taping his TV serials. According to him, he is a workaholic . As a ramp model turning into an actor, he still does some workouts to keep himself in shape. Another Version of this Bio..... Ajay Balhara is from Haryana. He is a model. He finished his graduation from Delhi University. In 1999, he was a contestant on The Gladrags Manhunt Contest, where he was the second runner-up. He modeled for Rohit Bal, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Ritu Kumar, Zegna, Tarun Tahiliani, J. J. Valaya and Aki Narula. He has also participated in the Paris Fashion Week and India Fashion Week, as well as performing in advertisements for Digjam Suitings, Indigo Nation, Nirma Soap, Charagh Din Shirt and Liberty Shoes. He mostly spent his life in theaters and even played a role in “Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi”. He owns the company, DIY Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Hydro Gym & Boxing Club, which is in Gurgaon. Abhiman claims he changed his name, because his numerologist advised him to do so. He was in fact told to change it to either Abhiman or Abhimanyu. Between the two, he decided Abhiman. He feels a change of name isn't wrong, an actor is known as the character he essays and his face, so far as television is concerned. People know him as a model, mostly. He is sure people will get used to his new name soon. He's enjoyed his stint on television. His schedules are pretty easy and smooth. He is a workaholic, so he doesn’t mind working round the clock. Like most ramp models that have moved into showbiz, Abhiman is trying his bit to hone his skills as an actor and is working on dialogue delivery, as well as other aspects of acting. He promises that he will shape up as a better actor in time. Considering he was once known to have the best body on the ramp, he still sticks to his fitness regime. Ajay Balhara is the twin brother of Vijay Balhara. Both the brothers have killer looks. It is difficult to tell Ajay from Vijay, however they both speak differently. Ajay is the outgoing, go-getter type, whereas Vijay is more of an introvert. Ajay Balhara won the Gladrags Manhunt second runner-up title in 1999. For top designers, both Ajay and Vijay have walked the ramp. They have also participated in the “Lakme India Fashion Show- 2002”.

Abhimaan Balhara Hindi Actor