Top 10 Hindi Off-Aired TV Series Which Still Has The Charm On The Audience

Top 10 Hindi Off-Aired TV Series Which Still Has The Charm On The Audience Hindi Article

Many Hindi TV series are entertaining the Indian audience from so long, but there are a few enthralling shows which rule the hearts of viewers even after getting off-air.

Let’s cast a quick eye on the top 10!

1. Dekh Bhai Dekh

The creator of the show Anand Mahendroo hadn’t even expected such major fan following of the show while launching it on Doordarshan channel in 1993. The show starring Shekhar Suman, Farida Jalal, Vishal Singh, Sushma Seth gave 66 hit episodes to the viewers. The storyline of the show deals with the relationship dramas, the business problems and the usual in-laws relations in the Diwan family.

2. ' Antakshari'

Antkshari was an Indian musical show which ruled with 15 seasons from 1993 to 2007 on the screens of ZEE TV in every second house and been a stress buster. The 15 successful seasons leaves no ground to tell the popularity of the show.

3. ' Tara'

Tara was the fist soap opera that revolved around the life and decisions of urban women and the first show to hit the screens for five years from 1993-1997 on ZEE TV. The plot of the story revolved around the cheers and grief of the lead actress TARA, played by Navneet Nishan, and her three friends Kanchan, Aarzoo and Sheena.

4. Office Office

The years 2001-02 witnessed Musaddi Lal coming every day with a new problem to the corporate office. The show was a comic approach to expose the bribery and corruption cases occurring day to day. The show casting Pankaj Kapur, Hemant Pandey, Sanjay Misra, etc on SAB TV rules the hearts till now, Though its season two, “ Naya Office Office” couldn’t charm the audience like the first one. The show won best comedy award at the RAPA awards in 2001.

5. ' Shanti'

The show was on aired twice, on DD National in 1994 and later on Star Plus. The protagonist of the story, played by Mandira Bedi is Shanti, the daughter of a raped mother is an aspiring journalist who reveals the past of all other characters of the fiction which are obviously the black ones. The show gives its viewers a plenty of drama, suspense and thrill throughout.

6. Filmi Chakkar

A family in love with films emerges on the screens of ZEE TV in 1995. Prashant and Rukmani (played by Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak respectively) lives with their two children and mother and the family is a total movie freak. They imply all the bollywood masala they see in movies in their lives to add flavors and essence of love, tragedy and humor to it.

7. " Aahat Season 1", " Aahat Season 2", " Aahat Season 3", "Aahat Season 4", " Aahat Season 5", "Aahat Season 6"

6 seasons of the show, written by Yash and Sima ruled the Sony TV from 1995-2015. The horror show dealt with paranormal activities and the plotlines like suspense thrillers, supernatural powers etc. No wonder, every new episode was a new roller-coaster ride for the viewers.

8. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

From 2004-2006, 70 episodes were blockbuster comedy on the Star One Channel. The show was based on a Gujarati upper class family of Indravan Sarabhai, who keeps on teasing his wife and the son Rosesh for being the mommy’s boy along with his daughter-in-law Monisha. Thus, the show turns into a humorous conflict Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai.

9. ' Hasratein'

The soap opera aired on Zee TV in mid 90s ran 4 successful seasons and 208 episodes starring Seema Kapoor, Shefali Chhaya, Harsh Chhaya and Dharmesh Vyas. The story was adopted from a Marathi novel Adhantari written by Jaywant Dalwi in which Savi, the lead actress, leaves her household and husband behind to go with an extra marital affair with another married man, with both of their spouses being aware of the situation.

10. Kaun Banega Crorepati

Last but not the least on the list is the very renown series KBC which was initially aired on Star Plus, then Sony TV. The concept was to conduct a quiz show and make the winner a Crorepati. From season 1 to season 8, and prize money from 1 crore to 5 crore, with Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, the show gained huge name and fame.