Farida Jalal is a veteran film and television actress from India. She was born on March 14, 1949 at New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... . Farida was known for doing comedic roles but she also laid her hands to doing lead and supporting roles in more than 100 Bollywood films and has been part of the television industry for quite a long time. The actress started her career in 1960’s after winning the Filmfare’s United Film Producers Talent Hunt. She was luckily selected as finalists, together with Bollywood producer and actor, Rajesh Khanna Born as Jatin Khanna on 29th December 1942, the ch >> Read More... . Farida got a film offer for the first time to do the film, Taqdeer which was offered by Tarachand Barjatya Tarachand Barjatya is an Indian Film Producer. He >> Read More... who is one of the audiences at that time. She gained her popularity after essaying a supporting role in the top-grossing romantic drama film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in 1995. This film is a blockbuster hit that earns a total of ?122 Crore in India and abroad. Farida also got the Best Supporting Actress Award in Filmfare Awards for her marvelous role as Lajjo Singh, the mother of Simran (played by Kajol).

Initially, Farida usually bagged the role of a sister or a scorned fiancée of the lead actors but she never bag the female lead role. She was critically acclaimed for her role as Alka Sharma, the mentally ill fiancée of Raj (played by Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor is an actor born in the prominent Kap >> Read More... ) in the Bollywood film, Bobby in year 1973 which was directed by Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor is an acclaimed and renowned television >> Read More... . In the 80’s, she progressively turned her roles into an aunt, nani or a mother. She was notable for her role as Renu, the girlfriend of Arun (played by Rajesh Khanna) in Shakti Samanta’s film, Aradhana from which she sang the song, Bagon Me Bahar Hai, Kaliyon Pe Nikhar Hai. When she stayed in Bangalore from 1983 to 1990, she took a hiatus on acting. In 1990s, she acted in various blockbuster films in India such as Dil To Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai and a lot more. The actress finally bags the lead role in Shyam Benegal’s film, Mammo in 1995. This film received the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and Farida got the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance. She also received the Best Supporting Actress Nomination for acting as the Ravi Khanna’s (played by Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan was conceived on October 11, 1942 >> Read More... ) handicapped sister in the Hindi crime film, Majboor. Farida acted as the female lead in the film, Jeevan Rekha Jeevan Rekha is a health based talk show in the Ma >> Read More... . Farida also received the Filmfare’s Best Supporting Award from the films, Paras and Henna. She got the Best Actress Award in the Harlem International Film Festival through the English Independent film, A Gran Plan in year 2012. The film was directed by Sangeeta Nambiar and stars Oliver Kennett. It was also screened in different Film Festivals in 2012.

Besides her long journey in the silver screen, the actress also made a name in the small screen industry. She has been part of the television serials like Dekh Bhai Dekh One of the most popular and hilarious Indian TV sh >> Read More... , Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi, Balika Vadhu ‘Balika Vadhu – Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte’ is a >> Read More... and more. She was starred on SAB TV’s comedy serial, Ammaji Ki Galli Ammaji Ki Galli is a TV show of the comedy genre, >> Read More... and in the fantasy sitcom, Shararat – Thoda Jaadu, Thodi Nazaakat which was aired on Star Plus and later, it was re-aired many times on various channels. She also hosted Star Yaar Kalakaar Star yaar Kalakaar was a TV reality show of 1990s >> Read More... , Star Parivar Awards and the 50th Filmfare Awards together with Saif Ali Khan Saif Ali Khan is a film celebrity born to actress  >> Read More... and Sonali Bendre.

Farida got married to her late husband, Tabrez Barmavar from Bhatkal in November 1978. When she settled in Bangalore from 1983 to 1990, she live with her husband and son, Yaseen since her husband is running a soap factory business there.

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Farida Jalal was born on 14th March 1949 in New Delhi. She is 5’ 1” tall. She met Tabrez Barmavar on the sets of Jeevan Rekha and fell in love with him during the shooting of the film. They got married in 1978. As she was not getting many film offers after marriage, they moved to Bangalore where her husband had a soap factory business. Unfortunately, he died in 2003. She has a son, Yaseen Jalal. Farida Jalal, a native of New Delhi, started her career as a child artiste in the 1960s, when she won the United Film Producers Talent Hunt sponsored by Filmfare. She along with Rajesh Khanna was chosen as finalists and was presented on stage as winners at the Filmfare Awards function. She got her first film offer for Taqdeer from Tarachand Barjatya.

She is an Indian actress and comedian, who played lead and supporting roles in over a hundred Bollywood films. She is well known for playing a supporting role in the 1995 romantic-musical-comedy Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which is one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of all time. She also acted in the popular film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She usually played the sister or rejected fiancée of the male lead but almost never the female lead. One of her most critically acclaimed roles is in Bobby where she played the part of the mentally challenged would-be fiancée of Rishi Kapoor’s Raj. During the 1980s, her roles progressed from sister and girlfriend to aunt, mother or nani.

She is also remembered for her part in Aradhana, in which she plays Rajesh Khanna's girlfriend and sings the evergreen song "Bagon Me Bahar Hai, Kaliyon Pe Nikhar Hai". During the 1990s, she had a part in many major hits in India, among them Raja Hindustani Click to look into! >> Read More... , Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, for which she won a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress. In1995, she played the lead in film ‘Mammo’ which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi. She has also been a part of Indian television, with hit sitcoms such as Dekh Bahi Dekh and Shararat (Thoda Jadu, Thodi Nazaakat) to her credit. She acted in more than 200 films, in various roles, — often playing the stereotypical Bollywood mother, from 1963 to 2012, for five decades.
Anuradha Bali Hindi Actress

Anuradha Bali

Anuradha Bali or commonly known as Fiza is an actress who appeared in the Hindi film, Deshdrohi-2: 26/11; War on Mumbai in 2008. She was also one of the contestants in the British reality game show, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao along with Shweta Tiwari, Palak and more on Sony TV. Anuradha was the former Assistant Advocate General of Haryana, but she quited her job to get married with the former Haryana Deputy Chief Minister, Chander Mohan. Their relationship became very controversial in November 2008. The two converted themselves to Islam before their marriage. And after the ceremony, they names was changed to Fiza and Chand Mohammed. However, after two months of living together, Chand leaves Fiza to go back to his first family , his wife and two children. After few days, he called Fiza for a divorce. But Fiza rejected it and she said Chand only married her to commit fraud and just to have a sexual relationship with Fiza. But she gave up after some months of fighting and became very depressed. Later, she formed a party against her husband.  Sadly, Fiza was found dead in her bedroom and her body was in a decomposed state in 2012. But due to Fiza’s suicidal attempt in 2009, it is believe that she committed suicide once again. There are signs of alcohol and poison found in her viscera. Her body was found in her own house in Mohali. Another Version of this Bio... As controversial Fiza Chand Mohammad’s life was, her death too was equally full of mysteries yet to be unlocked.Fiza Chand Mohammad, born as Anuradha Bali was an estranged second wife of Chander Mohan, the former Deputy CM of Haryana, and son of former Chief Minister Bhajan Lal. In August 2012, she was found dead in her house in Mohali. So what caused her death? Some say she was depressed since her husband had left her, some say she couldn’t face the world anymore. But the truth Is yet to be revealed. Fiza was born to Dharam Pal, a Military Engineer Service employee in Chandigarh in 1971. She happened to be appointed as the Assistant Advocate General in the B.S Hooda government in Haryana, in 2005. She met Bhajan Lal’s son, and they eloped. In December 2008, they resurfaced together, having adopted Islam, and converted, they even married each other in a mosque in Chandigarh. While the deputy Chief Minister was already married to Seema Bishnoi, Chander Mohan aka Chand Mohammad and Fiza appeared in the media, and openly said that they are married until their death. The father of Chand Mohammad, and former Chief Minister disowned his son. In 2009, Fiza and Chand were sacked by the Hooda Government. Crack in the relationship started surfacing when Chand Mohammad wanted to pursue his political career, but he was kept back. It was barely 20 days to the marriage, the husband of the newlywed deserted the wife, and left without notice in her residence at Mohali. While she alleged that her husband was kidnapped and pointed fingers at Kuldeep Bishnoi, Chand’s younger brother, Chand Mohammad was spotted in Raj Ghat, in New Delhi. When taken into custody, he eloped again, only to be found at his brother’s place in Chandigarh, where he confessed that he is missing his first wife and their children. Disheartened and completely in shock, Chand and Fiza were divorced. Chand apparently had called from London and uttered the word “Talaaq” three times, to end their marriage. Depressed from how the things were not in her control, she wanted to join politics to take revenge. In 2010, she participated in a reality show but came out of it soon.   She campaigned against Bhajan Lal and his son, in the run-up to the assembly polls, but hardly garnered any support. In 2012, Anwar-ul-Haq from BSP gave her a ticket to run for municipal elections. In August 2012, she was found dead at her residence in Mohali, when her neighbors reported of foul smell from her house. While the mystery of her life is yet to be unlocked, all she left for us, are a bottle of alcohol and two glasses to solve her mysterious death.


Fatima Effendi

Fatima Effendi is a well-known actress and model from Pakistan. She was born on December 17, 1992 in Karachi, Pakistan. She is the daughter of actress, Fouzia Mustaq with two brothers and one sister. She got married to actor and model, Kanwar Arsalan on November 17, 2012 in Karachi. She gave birth to a baby boy, Almir Kanwar on September 4, 2013. Fatima took up a degree in Fashion Designing. She initiated her career as a child actress in year 2001. But before she landed her hands into acting, she does some photo shoots and some modelling campaigns. She did few commercials for products like DJuice, Lipton Tea and Mobilink. She became famous for his appearance in Chal Jhooti in year 2011 on PTV. Followed by this, she did many television serials like Daam-e-Rasai, Man-O-Salwa, Meri Unsuni Kahani, Meri Unsumi Kahani, Gumshuda, Baji, Socha Na Tha, Isdq Ibadat, Kash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti, Extras, Shab e Gham and more. She also appeared in the Pakistani drama, Pul Sirat by Ary Digital Episode, where she did her best role. In year 2008, she was debuted as a television actress in the serial, Dulha Bhai on HUM TV. Then she did the many serials on Hum TV like Tum Se Kaise Kahoon by Haissam Hussain in 2009, Raju Chacha Ban Gaey Gentleman, Achay Ki Larki, Pappu Ki Paroson in 2011, Yeh kon Sa Dayar Hai and Shaadi Ka Ladoo – Mera Teacher Mera Shauhar. She also got her fame in the drama serial, Shehr-e-Dil Ke Darwazay and also in Baji. She immediately became one of the most renowned Pakistani actresses. She also did the serial, Aurat Ka Ghar Konsa and Kuch Kami Si Hai.

Fatima Effendi Hindi Actress