Anand Mahendroo Hindi Actor
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    - Producer

Debatably one of the most reputed names in the TV-world, Anand Mahendroo’s work is identified by its graphical flair, social relevance, technical refinement and sheer entertainment value. He is a prominent Writer, Director and Producer who shot to fame with his hit Television show Dekh Bhai Dekh One of the most popular and hilarious Indian TV sh >> Read More... Dekh Bhai Dekh . With Jaya Bachchan as the Producer under the label of Saraswati Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd (now known as ABC aka Amitabh Bachchan Corporation), Dekh Bhai Dekh became a sensation in 1993, airing on the Doordarshan Metro Channel. Mahendroo was involved in the Direction, Writing, Production, Editing and Visual Effects of the sitcom.

Anand is also known for his other mega successes like Idhar Udhar Idhar-Udhar series was first aired on DD1. Directe >> Read More... Idhar Udhar , Isi Bahane Isi Bahane was a suspense drama, directed by Anand >> Read More... Isi Bahane , Indradhanush, Aan, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and Daddy Samjha Karo Story soon >> Read More... Daddy Samjha Karo which have set standards, benchmarked excellence and started trends. Moreover, all of these works got him an abundant amount of critical acclaim turning him into an enormous brand with a fond recall.

Idhar Udhar was one of its kind Doordarshan sitcom directed by Anand in 1985. However, after 12 episodes, the first season was taken off the air. Owing to the triumph of Dekh Bhai Dekh, Mehendroo launched a sequel to the Idhar Udhar series in December 1997.

Anand is not only known for sitcoms but also for his ahead of time thinking and out of the box approach to Indian television. In 1989, he produced and directed a children’s television series Indradhanush which aired on DD National channel. A fabulous mixture of Sci-Fiction and Fantasy, the show was a weekly treat for kids. Nevertheless, the show only aired 13 episodes.

So far, Anand has contributed in 600 Documentaries/Ad Films, over 2000 hours of Television episode, Syllabus Committee of Satyajit Ray Film Institute, Governing Council of Film & TV Institute, various positions on Juries of India/International Film Festivals and much more. Furthermore, he has worked in several countries across the globe, namely UK, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Kenya and Malaysia. This experience has honed his ability to appraise every aspect of a motion picture in microscopic details.

His most recent project was Rang Rasiya Click to look into! >> Read More... Rang Rasiya – Colours of Passion in 2014. It starred Randeep Hooda The strong macho image of Randeep Hooda graces the >> Read More... Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen Nandana Sen is an Indian Film actress, who is endo >> Read More... Nandana Sen as the lead characters. Mahendroo has shortlisted Irfan Khan to play the lead role in his latest unnamed venture.

Mehendroo openly expresses his disappointment with the condition of Indian television today as it has become a rat race between different TV channels. According to him, the focus in 90’s TV was on quality, not on numbers.