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Hasratein Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Hasratein is television soap, which has first aired on ZEE Television Network in mid 90’s. It is quite old television series which was started in mid 1990 and ended in 1995. Hasratein illustrates the story of a woman named Savi (acted by Shefali Shah The beautiful Shefali Shah is an actress of Indian >> Read More... ). It was the most popular series at the mid of 90’s. The story depicts Savi, a married woman, who gets separated with her husband, but not took divorce in legal terms, after making a separation from her husband. She used to manage an extramarital affair or relation with a man, who was also married. This is the story of Savi how she manages her extramarital affair. When she walked out of her house, people use to taunt her, pass bad comments about her past and present relationships all because of her extramarital affairs. How her journey of life becomes worse than hell because of the narrow-minded and orthodox mentality of people. The story revolves around how she managed to walk away from those troubles and problems occurred in her life because of her extramarital affair.      

The main objective of this series was to show the picture of the Indian Society. That is how things turned around in a women’s life, when she tried to follow or to grab western culture. As per old articles, director, and producer of this serial had become the topic of discussion during the mid 90’s. Some of them were thinking, It is an issue of embarrassment for both either men or women. Extramarital affairs had become the most talking issues of during that era. However, this serial generated lots of popularity and fame and earned desired television rating points. It could have been more getting success if released after 2000, since. During mid 90’s cable channel viewer were quite lesser than that of National television channel called “ Doordarshan Click to look into! >> Read More... ”. In the year 1997, actress Shefali Shah, who played the character of Savi in Hasratein, was awarded with the Zee Woman of the year.


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