Tamil Playwrights ( 0 - 2 )


Playwrights Are The People Who Write Dramatic Plays

Playwrights Are The People Who Write Dramatic Plays That Are Performed By Actors. Their Style Of Writing Is In The Form Of A Play Containing Scenes Or Acts And Intervals Between Two Scene Changes.

They May Have Their Own Characteristic Genres Or Style Of Writing. Plays Written By The Playwrights May Be Of Different Formats. Plays May Be A Full-Length Play Or A Short Play Depending Upon Their Time Duration. Actors That Perform These Plays Are Seen To Have A More Dramatic Approach Towards Their Acting Methods To Give Justice To The Play Tamil Plays Written By Many Famous Playwrights Have Also Been Adopted By The Tamil Cinema.

This May Be Done Either For Attracting An Audience By Basing It On A Famous Play That Received A Great Public Response Or To Depict A Storyline Of A Play, That Might Not Have Been So Popular, But Is Able To Convince A Director Or A Film-Maker In Its Plot. Tamil Playwrights Are Story-Tellers That Express Themselves In The Form Of Plays.