Narain Karthikeyan

Other names of Narain Karthikeyan: Kumar Ram Narain Karthikeyan

Narain Karthikeyan or Kumar Ram Narain Karthikeyan was born on January 14 in the year 1977. He was born in the place Coimbatore, India. He is famous in the world of Racing and cars. Everybody might know about this great personality who is the first ever Indian Driver to represent India in the Formula One Racing. He made his debut in the Formula One Racing in the year 2005 with the country Jordan. He made us proud by winning the prestigious Formula Ford in the year 1994 winter series which was held in Britain. He also won the Formula Asia Championship in the year 1996 and once again brought laurels to his career. Karthikeyan has experienced Stock Car Racing, and he drove Toyota Tundra in the NASCAR Camping Truck Series in the year 2010 for the Wyler Racing. He came back with the HRT team in the year 2011 for Formula One Racing and was continued with the, for the consecutive years 2012 and 2013. With Super Nova Racing, Karthikeyan had bagged five wins and secured 4 Pole positions when he raced in Auto GP series in 2013. Team Impul has signed him for the next venture in super formula series in Japan. Karthikeyan was born to Sh. Kakarala Karthikeyan Naidu and Smt. Sheila Naidu. The eminent PSG institutions are run by the above-mentioned family.

Narain completed his schooling at Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. Karthikeyan was inclined towards the Motor Racing during his childhood. He got inspiration from his father as his father was a former champion at Indian National Rally, who won South Indian Rally seven times. His first ever race was at Sriperumpudur in which he finished his race well. He joined Elf Winfield Racing School, which is situated in France to escalate his racing career and to fulfill his ambitions. He became a finalist in Elf Competition for Renault Cars in the year 1992. He happens to be the first ever Indian to have won any championship or competition in Europe. In the year 1995, Narian stepped up in Formula Asian Championship for four merely races. But later, he gradually increased his motion to the target and bagged the second position in Malaysia at Shah Alam. In the year 1998, Karthikeyan has participated in the competition British Formula Championship and managed to finish the race and secure 12th rank.

He continued to finish on podiums five times in the year 1999. He was among the top ten in the formula Nippon F3000 competition in the year 2001. Karthikeyan has tested for Jaguar as well as Jordan in the year 2001, and he bagged a test for Minardi at the end of the year 2004. Karthikeyan with his tireless efforts and consistency proved to be the best. He used his determination, talents, skills to add feathers in his cap one by one. He was declared fourth in the world series by Nissan up to the year 2003. Karthikeyan was dropped in the mid-way in the year 2011 because he was beaten up by his racing mate in the racing arena but he returned to the team as a full driver in the year 2012. Karthikeyan has won many awards and gained much recognition that even words are less for him to fit.

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Karun Chandhok

Karun Chandhok was born on January 19 in the year 1984. He was born in Chennai, India. He has completed the Formula E under the banner of Mahindra Racing as an Indian Racing driver. He has also completed in the Formula One in the year 2010 for Hispania Racing. He has won two races in the most awaited GP2 series for consecutively three years with many efforts and consistency. He has also won the most prestigious championship that is Formula Asia competition in the year 2001. Karun was born to Mr. Vicky Chandhok. Vicky Chandhok is an Indian Rallying Champion multiple times. Federation of Motor Sports Club, India has honored Vicky Chandhok as its prestigious Presidents since the year 2003. Karun has won seven amongst ten races and was the National Racing title-holder in the Formula Maruti series in the year 2000. He secured fastest lap and pole positions in all the winning races. He also became the youngest Asian Champion. In the year 2001, Karun teamed up with Carlin Motorsport and tested the British Formula 3. He had teamed up with his fellow citizen Narain Karthikeyan and had bagged 5 qualifiers consecutively. He took part and shown his maneuver skills in the World Series hosted by the brand Nissan and showed indelible talents for the consecutive two rounds in the year 2004. He stepped up for the GP2 Series in the year 2007 and drove for Durango. He has won the sprint race in the GP2 Series in Belgium. This was his first win in GP2 series. At turkey GP2 Series, he collided with Kazauki Nakajima, which led to the retirement for Karun and a penalty for his opponent. During these times, his racing career was suffering many ups and downs but then came a path-breaking offer for him. He was offered to race for Red Bull Racing team for Formula One. They offered him to test at the Circuit in Barcelona. By his commitment and dedication whole-heartedly, he overcame every hurdle and obstacle and used every opportunity to the best of his possibilities. Chandhok was honored with the title of “best Driving style” because of his winning achievement at the GP2 series in the year 2008. No other racing driver was given an invitation by the British Racing Driver Club other than Chandhok due to his caliber and capability. In the year 2009, he was signed by the team of Ocean Racing Technology for GP2 Series. In the year 2010, he was signed by HRT and was a groundbreaking venture in his career. In the year 2011, he was honored as the reserve driver for the team of “Lotus”. With his co-drivers Peter Dumbreck and David Brabham, he drove in the World Endurance Championship for FIA in the year 2012. In the year 2013, he drove in GT series, FIA. With his constant efforts and talents, he has won many races and added many feathers to his cap.

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