Varun Tamil Actor
Other Skills

Varun is a Tamil film actor. His career has just started. He is the grandson of Isari Velan, the politician-actor who has worked with the legendary MGR in many movies. Though Varun’s grandfather has worked with many famous personalities Varun has just started, and his list will be soon increased. Inspired by his grandfather, Varun always wanted to become an actor, and he pursued his dream. He is lucky that he has someone from his family to guide him in the industry.

His first film was Oree Naal Iravil (ONI) which was released on 20th November 2015. The film also features the famous media personality Sathyaraj, Anumol and Yugi Sethi and he plays the lead role in the movie. He has a lot of respect for Sathyaraj sir and greets him like a father figure. He says that it was difficult for him to match the great and senior actor Sathyaraj and so he has put in a lot of effort in performing as good as Sathyaraj does. The 23-year-old handsome boy played the role of a 30-year-old auto driver.

According to him, actors have to work really hard to look exactly what their character demands from the script. To impress the audience, they even change themselves physically and so did Varun. Varun gained 15kgs to look exactly like a 30-year-old man and even grew a beard. People later complimented him that he actually sounded like the character. His inspiration, Sathyaraj also loved his performance in the movie. Varun will next be seen in the Tamil movie Vinodhan which will be released in December 2016.

It is just a start for Varun and there will be a lot coming from his side in the upcoming years, and we wish him all the best.