The only female member of The Casteless collective, Isaivani, is a musician from Chennai. Belonging to a music family Isai Vani, learned the initial lesson of music when she was six from her father. At first, she started practicing from the piano, but later, she learned about scales and pitches.

Due to unstable economic conditions, she dropped from standard 11. She also tried to get herself enrolled for the classes of Raja Annamalai Mandram but was asked to join once she finishes her school. At this point, her dreams shattered. But now, as she looks behind, she breathes an air of pride as a member of the indigenous band, The Casteless Collective.  The casteless collective is a Tamil band that kicked off in the year 2017 by some local boys of Dharavi. One of the famous songs of the band includes – Jai Bheem Anthem. Before getting into the Band, which sings Gaana, she used to do data entry jobs weekly at Rs. 2000. Her mother worked as a coolie, earning the same wage. Due to performances, she used to travel for almost 15 days a month. Apart from this, she has performed in over 10,000 shows in Ennroe, Pondicherry, and most slums in Chennai.