Birthday: 19-11-1986
Age: 32
Star sign: Sagittarius

Shweta Mohan is a female playback singer in Indian cinema who is also the daughter of playback singer Sujatha Mohan. Like her mother, she also had sung in various languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. She was born on 19 November 1985 in Chennai. In fact, earlier she was a bit hesitant to take up singing as her career. But as she sung, she enjoyed singing very much. Had not she been in singing, she could have opted for doing MBA and got settled other way.

Shweta grew up watching her mother sing and eventually looked her as a role model for her life. She has always aspired to be like her. Taking inspiration from her mother’s versatile career in Indian cinema, she eventually made her ground too in film music. She is well trained in every musical instrument such as piano and veena. While noted Carnatic vocalist and playback singer Smt. Binni Krishnakumar trained her in Carnatic classical music; she went to learn Hindustani vocal music under Sri Fayaz Khan.

Shweta has sung for various music composers such as Illayaraja, A.R. Rahman, Harris Jayaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja, M Jayachandran, Deepak Dev, Ousepachan, etc. She made her debut with the song 'Kuchi Kuchi Rakkamma' (Bombay) and 'Accham Accham Illai' (Indira). Since then she has been active over 15 years on a musical journey. Her first Tamil solo was for film 'Three Roses' composed by Karthik Raja, and the first Malayalam solo was for the movie ' Lion' composed by Deepak Dev.

Being the daughter of veteran playback Sujatha Mohan, Shweta is respected a lot. Like her mother, singing is a passion for her and she always remains to focus on her career that is a plus point of a singer. She sometimes evaluates her performances too, and her dedication to singing is so intense that if a recording does not go well, it haunts her for a long time. A few of her melodious songs include ‘Aaraanu nee’ (‘ Thiruvambadi Thamban’), ‘Aaro nee aaro’ (‘Urumi’), and ‘Mavin chotile’ (‘ Oru Naal Varum’).

Shweta is married to Ashwin, whom she first met in July 2003, on January 16, 2013. She has sung for three Hindi movies, out of which ‘Ravaan’ and ‘ Guru’ are famous. Her maximum number of songs are in Tamil and Malayalam followed by Telugu and Kannada. In 2007 and 2012 Shweta received Filmfare best playback singer award for her songs in Malayalam movies such as ‘Arike’ and ‘Ore Kadai’. In the same year (2007) she got Kerala state film award for the film ‘Nivedyam’.

Shweta’s songs always capture the mood refreshingly, and that is why A. R. Rahman had used her voice in many movies. Today, she is an established singer in her own right with many hits under her singing style. She looks up to singers like P.Susheela, S.Janaki, Lata and Asha as her best singers. It is difficult indeed to trace her best numbers; yet one would think of ‘I Love You Mummy (Shankar The Rascal), ‘Innum Konjam’ (Maryan), “Naanae Varuvaen (Mayuri), ‘Boom Boom Robo Da (Enthiran), etc.


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