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Baby Nayanthara Malayalam Movie Actress
Born: 20 April 2002

Age Now 22

Baby Nayanthara - (Movie Actress)

sania - dancer Malayalam Dancer
Born: 20 April 2002

Age Now 22

sania - dancer - (Dancer)

Sreejith Vijayan Malayalam Director
Born: 20 April 1985

Age Now 39

Sreejith Vijayan - (Director)


Kulappulli Leela Malayalam TV-Actress
Born: 19 April 1954

Age Now 70

Kulappulli Leela - (TV-Actress)

Swasika Vijay Malayalam Movie Actress
Born: 19 April 1992

Age Now 32

Swasika Vijay - (Movie Actress)

Hemanth Menon Malayalam Movie Actor
Born: 19 April 1989

Age Now 35

Hemanth Menon - (Movie Actor)


Playback Singer

A playback singer is a singer whose voice is recorded in a song which is later used in a movie.The actors/actress lip sync on the song while the voice of a playback singer is played in the background.A playback singer is often the voices which are famous rather than the singer itself as they work behind the scene and did not get proper exposure and fame. 

The playback singers have to adopt to various challenges while recording a song like matching the voice with the actor for which the song is being recorded or adopting a totally different voice for certain songs. The playback singers have to struggle for getting an opportunity in the music industry.

The best quality a playback singer can have is a voice which is loved by the audience. The audience sometimes connect to a certain voice so much that the singer becomes popular overnight. Playback singers are very popular now a days since they are getting the proper exposure and recognition from the industry.