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Koodathayi Malayalam TV SERIALS on Flowers TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Koodathayi is a Malayalam serial broadcast on the Flowers TV channel. This is the story of a serial killer. IG Sarath Chandran is going to investigate the death of Palamoottil. DGP has assigned Sarath to investigate the case. The village where this mysterious murder takes place is Koodathayi. The police arrive in the village. This is the Calicut police station. A large crowdhas collected outside a factory. A policeman arrives at the scene. A woman is captured inside a pile of tires and she is about to be burnt by a group of thugs. The policeman comes inside the factory to help the woman. But the fellow mates of the thug donot allow him to enter. The husband of the lady captured is also pleading thugs to leave his wife. But the policeman has also bought with him a team of policemen led by IG Sarath.

The policemen arrive on the scene and burn the thug’s area and his gang. After a long fight, IG Sarath rescues the woman. On returning to his police station, he starts his next case. The whole of the police force began evaluating all the suspicious names regarding the Palamoottil case. A group of policemen is discussing the information regarding all of these suspicious names regarding the case. Some criminal’s identity is not known i.e. no picture is available. Armed with this information, the team becomes ready to fight. DGP orders them to proceed and do everything fast. A young girl is in her house sleeping when rain and thunderstorm is happening. The lights go off and she hears someone walking in the house. A woman is following her. She also has a little girl with her. She sleeps with her kid and locks the room.

The woman trailing her kills her by suffocating her using a pillow. A man is having the same nightmare. DGP Sarath has a wife and a daughter. As soon as he steps out of the house, he gets a phone call. The caller warns him of the murder at the Palamoottil house. He sends the caller number to be traced. The police also check the security cameras. The number traces back to a phone booth outside a shop. The shopkeeper tells them that a man wearing a helmet made the phone call from his phone booth. The Kerala police start their work. Police officers are appointed at different locations to track the man. CCTV footage of various cameras is being checked. They find the scooter used by the phone caller. The police reach the man to whom this one wheeler belongs to. He is taken by the police to the police station for investigation.


Chippy Malayalam Producer
DOB: 1 June 1975
Rasheed Malayalam Movie Actor
Ambili Devi Malayalam Movie Actress
DOB: 6 January 1985
Ambili Devi
Binda Malayalam TV-Actress
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Leena Nair