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Gouri Sankaram  Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet TV
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Gouri Sankaram is a Malayalam TV serial. The show airs Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm on the Asianet TV channel. It premiered on 3rd July 2023. It has one season with more than 200 episodes. It comes under the genres of romance and drama. Krishnan Sethukumar Krishnan Sethukumar is an Indian Film producer. He >> Read More... is the producer, and Abhi Balakrishna is the director. Manoj Ramachandran is the story writer. The cast includes Veena P. Nair (Gouri), Hari Shanker Bio coming soon... >> Read More... (Sankar), Nisha Mathew (Nandhini), Ravikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Ravikrishnan Gopalakrishnan is a Mollywood movie a >> Read More... (Prof. Shyamaprasad), Nitheesh Purushotham Bio coming soon... >> Read More... (Dhruvan), Thomas Belgin (Shekar Mahadevan), Deepa Prabha Bio coming soon... >> Read More... (Kamala) and Subha Sumithran (Ambika).

The story starts with Gouri, who is a college-going girl. Gouri was returning from college on a public bus when she was stopped by some goons. The leader of the goons was Dhruvan. He harassed everyone on the bus, and especially Gouri. When everyone, including her, forced him to apologize, it hurt his ego. He decided to teach her a lesson. He located her house in the town and sent his miscreant friends to threaten Gouri and her family. To make matters worse for her, Dhruvan sends his friend, Sankar to scare her. When Sankar sees Gouri for the first time, he falls in love with her. Her innocence and righteousness win him over. He does not scare Gouri, backs off, and even warns Dhruvan not to harass her.

Sankar tries to win her over. He writes her a love letter and even gifts her a saree. Gouri does not pay much attention to this. Seeing her family tensed about her, Gouri promises her parents to marry soon. Her parents choose Naveen as her groom. Sankar discovers it and decides to express her feelings for Gouri before it’s too late. On the day of the engagement, Sankar expresses his love in front of everyone and breaks off the engagement. Later, Gouri realizes Sankar’s love for her and decides to marry him. Gouri’s brother, Adarsh, allows them to marry on the condition that he will marry Veni, Sankar’s sister.

Sankar’s father, Shekhar is happy with the decision. But Veni and Sankar’s mother are not happy. After the marriage, Sankar’s mother creates problems for Gouri. Veni and Adarsh tag along with Gauri and Sankar on their honeymoon. Sankar sees Veni and Adarsh fight for little things and plans to help them get closer. Veni is a spoiled brat and does not obey her in-laws. Dhruvan and Naveen conspire against Gouri to break off her marriage. Both Veni and Gouri have to go through several challenges in their marriage and adjusting to new homes.


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