Lyricist (0 - 12)


Lyricists: The Magicians Behind Music

The most important element of any song is lyrics. Lyricists mould the words for a tune and give life to the music. A lyricist must be creative and an essential knowledge about Rhythm, Chords, Melody, etc is a must to become a lyricist. A lyricist can be successful only through his skill. The profession of lyricist is based on talent and not just hard work. A lyricist can be as successful as the number of applauds he receives for his songs. One can write lyrics for a single song and become the talk of the town and at the same time one can write 100 lyrics and still be unsuccessful. Lyricists can be either pure lyricists who only write lyrics for a song or lyricists who compose tune along with lyrics. It is compulsory for the lyricists to have great understanding or knowledge of music to be successful. He works closely with the music composer of the film to get the desired song. The composer will give the recorded music to the lyricist and discuss the mood of the music or the scene.

Then, the lyricists will work on the words that fit the mood and the music and produce it. Most of the times, the lyrics submitted will be modified and changed according to the music to fit the scene. Lyricists work in companies dealing with music production, recording and publication. Then, the companies send the lyricist to work in the movie. He must be able to fulfill the demands of the director or producer of the song. He must have a keen understanding and written communication. He must be social as he has to work with people from different profiles. There is a high demand for lyricists who write catchy lyrics along with timely job and a good reputation. The lyricist can work from the home itself and attend the important meetings with the music composer and director. But usually an office environment is encouraged and expected to have a professional feel.