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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Envisioned as a sitcom depicting the lives of Sonu and his office-wala friends, Zara Hatke can be described as an early Indian version of its American counterpart, "The Office."Aired on Zee TV, it used to be a darling of its time, the good old days of Indian television when sitcoms dominated the program line-up.

The comical build-up is provided by Sonu and his office colleagues, Chunchun, Miss Pandit, the boisterous boss-man Arora and the grumpy supervisor Manish. However, the complete list of the cast is incomplete without mentioning the delightful and charming Dilip Joshi Dilip Joshi, who is a film cum television actor wa >> Read More... , who plays the role of Malu, Sonu's cousin, straight from Shangri-La. Malu originally intended to stay just for a month in Mumbai. But he changes his mind as the lure of the city gets to him. Malu surprisingly succeeds in convincing the mercurial boss of his very own cousin and secures himself a lucrative job. And then there is Tina, Sonu's romantic interest. Their to-be or not-to-be situation livens up the show even further.

Through the very many episodes, we find Sonu in a constant state of worry, stressing out about the series of tasks Manish purposefully lays in front of him just to harass him. However, by the grace of Chunchun and Miss Pandit, he survives the hurdles, but only for another day and another set of errands. Meanwhile, Malu plays the part of Sonu’s wingman vis-a-vis Tina, devising plans and testing waters to find out what works and what doesn’t between the two. And all the while, he tries his luck with Meena, Tina’s friend, making  both the friends a recurring presence in almost all the episodes.



Sanjay Batra Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 30 August 1965
Sanjay Batra
Avinash Sachdev Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 22 August 1986
Avinash Sachdev
Aashka Goradia Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 27 November 1985
Aashka Goradia
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar Hindi Child Artist
DOB: 5 April 2000
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar
Kabir Sadanand Hindi Director
DOB: 29 December 1957
Kabir Sadanand
Kanawaljit Singh Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 21 October 1944
Kanawaljit Singh