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Khyapa Season 3 Bengali TV SERIALS on Addatimes

Khyapa season 3 is a Bengali web series. It premiered on the Adda Times platform. The story revolves around a young adult, Khyapa, who tries to sort out his life and understand the true essence of life. In the last season, Khyapa moved into an ashram where he spiritually uplifted himself and understood the morality of life. Korok Murmu Is the director of the show. The cast of this series includes Arya Dasgupta Arya Dasgupta is a Bengali actor who played “Guddu >> Read More... , Pushan Dasgupta Pushan Dasgupta is a Bengali child artist. Some of >> Read More... , Debleena Dutta, and Bharat Kaul.

The third season is a fresh start for Khyapa. He moves to Kolkata and enrolls himself in college. Khyapa and Chingri go to college for the first time with full excitement. The excitement ends when the first day of college does not go how they planned. They sense groupism and turbulence in the college. Later, Khyapa encounters the girl he saw on the terrace. After talking to her, he learns that she is one of his batchmates. Khyapa then shifts his focus to the college elections. He wants to join Abhimanyu in the election and tries to convince him. In the meantime, Chingri falls in love with Tina. Tina enchants him completely. The opposite party tries to pull off some unethical plan against Khyapa and Abhimanyu.

 Chingri and Tina start dating. Slowly, Khyapa and Chingri’s friendship faces turbulence due to differences of opinion. Rana is the mastermind behind this turbulence. He introduces Lisa to Khyapa and Chingri. Lisa creates a problem between Tina and Chingri. Chingri makes efforts to win Tina back. The election dates are coming closer, making both parties extra vigilant. They put their best efforts to win the election. In the meantime, Chingri and Tina face more problems in their relationship, and Khyapa and Chingri separate their ways. Later, during the election, Chingri realized that the opposite party planned to septate Chingri and Khyapa. Watch Khyapa to find out if Khyapa’s party wins the election or if the trouble between friendships continues to keep increasing.


Supriya Devi Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 8 January 1935
Supriya Devi
Churni Ganguly Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 17 November 1967
Churni Ganguly
Ananya Chatterjee Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 16 January 1977
Ananya Chatterjee
Mahua Raychowdhury Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 24 September 1958
Mahua Raychowdhury
Bidipta Chakraborty Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 3 November 1980
Bidipta Chakraborty
Buddhadev Dasgupta Bengali Producer
DOB: 11 February 1944
Buddhadev Dasgupta