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Editor (0 - 12)


Effort Of Film Editors Are Tremendous

Film editors are those who edit films and they work with the technicalities through out the production process. The editors work with the directors as every day’s shots are reviewed and the editor also starts gaging an understanding of what is expected out of him. They are responsible for combining and consolidating the individual shots into a coherent whole. They are need to make sure that the entire story is in sink and flows effortlessly from the start to the end. Individual parts are chosen carefully and are edited according to requirements of the film.

An editor is usually appointed by the producer on his/her past experiences. The film editors work for long hours to assemble and create the final product. Not only this but the editors also assist in evaluating how the actors are performing, and how the story is emerging out. A crucial skill that an editor must posses is the ability to pull a common thread as well as have the correct sense of how to unfold and unravel the story. Towards the last final couple of days the director and editor work on assembling the final left out pieces. This is the final stage as the final edited film is shown to the producer for a final approval. An editors job is quite arduous and requires a lot of determination. It is because of the efforts of the film editors that we get to see innovative ideas and we get so attached to the plot of the story.